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Breach of faith. Is My Wife/Bride really a cheater?


Is My wife/ bride a cheater?

Why  this may happen?  And how to understand if you have been cheated?

Unfortunately, many couples facing this problems. The problem of cheating may easily destroy your relations and family, make your children unhappy and the rest of family members too.Let’s discuss this subject where we can try to find several solutions how to really skip this issue.

Most people who are highly satisfied with their relationship and whose needs are being met don’t want to cheat. Both physical and emotional needs are important in relationships, so if either gets lost in the shuffle, trouble can arise—though of course, a more responsible course of action when a person is unhappy is often to be honest about it or to end the relationship if they can’t get their needs met, instead of having an affair and lying to a person who loves them.

Besides. the one shall be brave enough to say the truth… According statistic, it’s about 85% out of 100% prefer to lie and have a aside affair than to tell the truth to the partner about being unhappy with the current relationship. Stereotypically, men cheat to feel more significant or for variety and women cheat for love, attention and to emotionally connect with someone else

Suggestion: Paying  enough attention to your partner’s emotional state may help you  feel and correct the situation if something goes already wrong. Try to get to know your partner as much as possible especially about the things what  really can make her\ him happy.

The same issue can be number once among married couples. Especially when husband is extremely busy at work and his wife has nothing to do but meet her female friends or going to for shopping. Many people ( women)  say they were lonely in their relationships, or kept asking their partner for their needs to be met but their partner couldn’t or wouldn’t comply. “I don’t mean to simplify this answer because again, it is complex, but when people realize how they were able to cheat (what their reasons were to justify their behaviors.) it’s just unbelievable!

Suggestion: Look for a proper lady and think twice before to marry her. Learn about her way of life she leads now, it’s also worth to know her past. How many partners she was in relations with and why did they broke up. Her family can bring a good example as well too. Get to know her parents, were they intelligent enough to teach their kids to value family interests? Are they currently happy being married?

The true fact is that Ukrainian ladies comparing to Western girls are very family oriented and not likely to cheat on their husband that easy. Cheating may take place also but very rarely. Ukrainian ladies generally sweat it out before it’s total crush…  For Slavic ladies family takes number one and the rest comes after it. So for me it’s no longer a question why so many western men prefer to marry Ukrainian Women.

Important note:

If you are a happy groom who have just successfully visited Ukraine, saying successfully I mean the fact that you have met your bride or even a wife to be, – than you leave to your home and get into daily routine… Some of you tend to forget that your bride needs attention. Please remember that most of the ladies are highly in need of romance and affection so please do not abandon your bride for a long time in her country. Try to find a way as soon as possible to bring here to your place to get united or if there is a visa problem- a meeting in a neutral territory ( like traveling together) may bring a lot of positive emotions and let  her understand that you are serious enough in your intention to marry her. Being on the distance is really hard, so never plead ignorance.

So how do you spot a cheater before getting caught? If there were a foolproof answer to that question, whoever came up with it would be a millionaire by now, but there are some common characteristics that many cheaters share. There are psychological characteristics that are more prevalent and revealing about the personality traits of people who cheat. Here’s what to watch for…

– If your partner seems bored by happy, stable relationships, run the other way. “People who cheat prefer to ride an emotional roller coaster rather than find joy in emotional stability.

-Anything you do doesn’t attract her attention anymore. She can hardly kiss you, not speaking about love making.

– She always finds the reason to leave a house to go out for doing something very important. She would prefer to go alone rather than take you to accompany  her.

-People who cheat prefer to ride an emotional “roller coaster”. She will find any reason to make you bad and to have a quarrel, taking you for a fool.

– While talking to you- she tries to skip looking into your eyes.

– Cheaters are afraid of being alone. Cheaters often deeply fear abandonment and seek out their second relationship as something of a security blanket against physical or emotional loneliness.

Also remember that some people, it seems, might just be incapable of monogamy, and if those folks are also stuck on the high of betrayal, chronic cheating is the name of their game.Some people do change, but as a whole, if someone cheated on you before you got married, a leopard doesn’t change their spots. They might get good for a couple months, but it’s not the kind of thing that changes. The personality traits of someone who is dishonest in work or in other areas spills over into personal life.”

Needless to say that if your partner doesn’t stay faithful to you, it’s fully up to you in how you want to handle it, and the fact that a chronic cheater has hurt you isn’t your fault. You might choose to stick around, but you’re also more than justified in ending the relationship. Just like there are all different kinds of relationships, there are all different kinds of infidelity, and sometimes the motive or frequency matters a lot more than the cheating itself. That said, if you find yourself in a relationship with a person who’s essentially addicted to the high of betraying you, it might be ideal to cut ties. Life is too short to be with a partner who makes you feel less than awesome!

By Katrina El





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