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3 Secret Tips How to Seduce a Russian Woman in Three Days

How to Seduce a Russian Woman How to Seduce a Russian Woman

Hello guys, this is me, Kate, the CEO and Founder of Best-Matchmaking, one of the best matchmaking and online dating services all over the globe!

Today, I decided to talk to you about a very sensitive issue for lots of you – how to seduce a Russian woman! Don’t be surprised, this topic concerns lots of men and…it’s time to devote some time to it!

So, if your dream is to seduce a Russian lady the soonest, read this article till the end! Let’s start!

  1. Confidence is super-good, however, too much confidence is already arrogance. Well, I have told you many times that Russian girls like confident men who know what they want. However, you have to be able to feel the line. Some men are that confident that they seem to be extremely arrogant. Do not show her you’re alpha-male from the first moment you see your lady, especially if you are not) I want to make it clear what kind of confidence Ukrainian ladies like. You have to clearly know what you want from life and a lady. Believe me, I saw foreign guys who didn’t stand out from other average guys in the aspect of their appearance, however, they possessed so much charm that even the girls who were 20 years old younger, could not resist it. Looking at those guys, I can tell you that it is not necessary to be handsome or look like Superman. But your attitude, your charm really matter. First of all, be yourself; do not pretend to be someone you are not. Secondly, remember that Russian or Ukrainian women seek for gentlemen, who realize they should pay for the dinner bill, they should bring flowers for a date, be able to make surprises. You have to be able to woo your lady! Of course, cultural differences can play dirty jokes with all of us. But your confidence and masculinity is highly appreciated! If a lady notices you are not confident and do not even know how to behave on a date, you have no chances! Remember that a man is a conqueror and paying for your restaurant bill is just a small percentage of showing her your masculinity! Be persistent, but not arrogant, feel this really fine line between persistence and arrogance. If you know how to defend yours, it is good. But if you think you can do anything just because you are a man, it is awful. Just remember – confidence – is super good, arrogance – is the biggest no-no with a Russian lady!
  2. If she wears her best dress for your date, and you put your sweats on, you have no chances! As I just told you, confidence is really good and it is your biggest advantage. However, it should be backed up by something. You all have seen how beautiful and stunning ladies in Russia or Ukraine are! Do you think they want to have an untidy man with no sense of taste by their side? No, definitely they don’t. No one requires you to look like James Bond or Brad Pitt; however, knowing how to impress a lady with your look would be an advantage. I, personally, would not be too happy if I prepare for my date for hours, wear my best dress and perfect make-up, try to impress a man, and this man didn’t even care of what he wears and looks as if he just woke up. What would this mean to me? That he didn’t even take care of how to impress me. What will people at the restaurant think of me if I am here in all my glory in the company of such a scruffy man? Believe me; if you didn’t take care of your look for a date with a Russian woman, you have no chance. She doesn’t expect you to wear Burberry or Armani, but you are simply obliged to look tidy and have a sense of style. Do not forget you have to smell good, it is very important for any lady. I bet each of you adores a lady smelling good. So why do you think a lady doesn’t want you to smell the same? So, if you are going to seduce a Russian woman, make sure to wear tidy clothes and chose a good and expensive fragrance 😉
  3. Seduce her with your jokes! Having a perfect sense of humor and laughing a lot is your biggest advantage. Ladies like men who make them laugh, they adore when the atmosphere on a date is light and playful. But please avoid telling her that your sense of humor is great, rather show it. Make some pop-up jokes and make her laugh all the evening long. When a lady is laughing, she feels very convenient and easy with you, she doesn’t have to put any efforts to maintain your talk, she can simply relax and enjoy your company. However, do not tell her brutal or dirty jokes. You know that humor can be different and some jokes are difficult to understand for a lady, some jokes that seem to be very funny to you might not be funny at all. So please, before telling them, think twice. Remember that you have to create a very easy and convenient atmosphere on your date, tell jokes to make her laugh, not to cause disgust. So, remember, if you are confident, smell and look good, and make her laugh, you will surely succeed!

Now, I want to tell you some mistakes to avoid on a date with a Russian woman, if you want to conquer and seduce her. If you do or don’t do something of the following, it will just ruin your wonderful and pleasant evening together.

  • Even if everything, from taxi to the restaurant seems to be expensive to you, never tell your Russian woman about that. She will think you are too greedy or stingy. Remember that Ukrainian or Russian men can be very romantic and can spend their monthly salary to impress a woman on a date, and that a Russian woman used to! A greedy man will never seduce a Russian lady!
  • Always leave some tips at the restaurants! Remember that Russian and Ukrainian people always leave tips even if their salaries are much lower than yours. Not leaving good tips will leave a bad impression about you!
  • Even if you see other beautiful ladies at the restaurant, do not stare at them! If you start looking at other girls when having a date with a Russian lady, it’s the biggest disrespect to her, so forget about seducing her!
  • Don’t talk too much about yourself; remember that you want to show her your interest in her, not in yourself! Always ask her questions and show how interested you are!
  • Say compliments! But do not do it as if you have never seen a beautiful woman in your life! Make her heart melt! If you are not sure what compliment is better to tell, watch some movies about famous heartbreakers and learn!
  • Never mention how expensive your trip to see her was! No one doubts you have spent much money and efforts to see her, but don’t remind her about that! Instead, better say her: “Those miles I overcame are nothing comparing to the chance to see you at last”!


So, guys, these are three very simple tricks to seduce a Russian lady. You see, it is not difficult at all, however, remember that one little failure can cost you her affection and leave you with nothing!

Will you share your comments with me? I would love to know whether you managed to seduce a Russian girl within a couple of days or whether you made some of those mistakes I just told about and failed. Don’t hesitate to share your experience; it might help other guys! Our goal is to make it work!


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