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5 Signs about how to understand that the girl you ‘ve met on the Internet Is Fake


Hello Guys! Today we are to continue the subject of the Online dating scam
and in this video I’ll discuss another 5  Signs about how to understand That the Girl You ‘ve Met On The Internet Is Fake

So, you’ve finally made a decision to meet your life partner online and joined the online dating community. Congratulations! That is the right decision while the study conducted in the year 2013 showed that 35% of married couples meet online. That’s a significant number showing that online dating really works.

Today this % of course has been increased.

For that reason, more and more people use dating sites in search of their life partner, especially in our busy modern world when most people simply have no time to go for “real” dates even. But online dating scam also grows rapidly so let’s discuss some signts of it in order for you not to become it’s victim )


When you communicate on paid dating sites, it’s usually forbidden to exchange your personal contact information. As a rule, you should request contact information of a girl after some time of correspondence and a girl should sign the documents she doesn’t mind her contact info to be disclosed to you. Of course, when a woman doesn’t know you well, she might refuse, for her safety reasons, and that’s right. However, if you have communicated for a long period of time and have some plans for future together and want to just call her to hear her voice, and a woman says different excuses instead of exchanging contact info with you, this might be a red flag, too. By the way, our agency never forbids contacts exchange information!

  1. Another red flag is when SHE WRITES that SHE LOVES YOU IN A very FIRST LETTER.

Falling in love from the first sight is great, but not in online dating. You can’t fall in love with just a picture without knowing a person. And serious woman looking for long-term relationships will never be writing you “Hello my love”, “Hello honey”, “My love”, “I love you”, etc. in her first letter or even before you meet in real. A person having a common sense will never do that.

So that’s a big red flag when she starts her first letters with expressing deep love towards you.

  1. SHE doesn’t RECOGNIZE YOU ON ANOTHER ONLINE DATING SITE. Well, it’s very common situation.

You have communicated with a woman for some time and here you suddenly get a letter from a same  woman on another dating site you were registered before. And what’s your surprise when your girlfriend writes you a first letter as if she has never met you before. So, her profile is fake but now it’s your task to find out on which of the sites. Not each dating site is diligent and one of them might misuse her profile or maybe her pictures were simply stolen. Anyways, if you faced such a weird situation, make a little investigation and find out which of the profiles is fake.


Not a secret that most of reputable dating sites have an option of gifts delivery. And that’s very convenient if you want to surprise the girl you like and communicate with. You can choose to send your girl a bunch of flowers or simply a box of chocolates. Once your girlfriend gets your gift, you are going to get her picture as a confirmation of a gift delivery

So, you’ve decided to please your woman. You send her a bunch of flowers or something else and are waiting for her wonderful picture with a big smile impatiently. But, she doesn’t come to pick it up. Instead, she writes you different letters with excuses and reasons she has no time to get it. Yes, everyone can be busy with work, family, kids, and just everyday problems. However, if those excuses last too long, that’s a red flag. A woman can’t be too busy within months not to come to the agency’s office and pick up her gift while It just takes few minutes.


We live in the era of the internet and social networks. Of course, there are people who do not like showing their life to publicity and do not create any social network profiles. But any real person most likely has trails on the web. If you decided to find your woman on the internet and send her a message via social network and she says she has no social network profile, neither email even, that must concern you. Does she have anything to hide from you?

Online dating is very popular, and sometimes it becomes heart-breaking for people because of fake daters who play with feelings of other people for lucrative purposes. Hopefully, you pay attention to these red flags and will not let those fake ladies scam you.


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