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7 Common Mistakes in Ukrainian Dating


Hello Guys!

Today let’s talk about 7 common mistakes in Ukrainian and Slavic dating.

Ukrainian and Slavic dating is not really difficult. However, it often appears much harder than it seems while people make pretty silly mistakes when dating. What are those mistakes and how to avoid them to make your dating successful and enjoy it? Find it out below.

  1. Talking about your past relationships. DON’T DO THAT!!

Some men have had very painful relationships and very often they discuss their ex in a negative context. You might be surprised, but this is not going to attract your new girlfriend, the effect will be opposite. You will anyways discuss all that information and stories about your exes in future, but bringing that topic up in the beginning of your new relationships isn’t a good idea. Don’t carry the baggage of your past relationships to your new ones. If you have started already that  topic, don’t talk negatively about your ex. Just talk about her in general and try to switch to a different  subject.

  1. Rushing things. Once you have started your relationship, it should be light and full of romance.

However, lots of men start talking about love and marriage at once and expect a woman to follow their plan. That’s the biggest mistake to push a girl moving to your country (if you are from different countries), getting married and do everything as you have planned before.

Remember that everything should be natural, people are different and relationships can be different too. Some people can get married in Few months, others need several years. So, don’t push a woman to make such decisions and let her time to realize she wants that and that’s the right time for that.

  1. Asking “so why is a beautiful girl like you single?” That’s a really bad question. Sure, it’s good to make compliments to a girl, but you can just tell her she looks great today. Forget that question! Everyone has his own reasons to be single. And if a nice-looking woman is single it doesn’t mean something is wrong with her.

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  1. Playing with your phone. Please, pay attention to a girl on a date and always put your phone away. It simply shows your disrecpect. So lady who sees a man who is always into his cell phone will simply think that he pleade egnorance.

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  1. Forgetting about flowers, gifts, and good manners. Even if a Ukrainian woman says she is not interested in flowers or signs of your attention, she will be very pleased to get flowers on a date. Simply taking a girl to a café or restaurant is not enough. You should be romantic, bring her gifts, and make surprises from time to time. Don’t forget to open the doors for a woman and give her hand when getting out of the cab, etc. It all will create a good impression about you.
  1. Another mistake is being Not leading man. Any Slavic woman expects a man to be a man, SO he should be leading in that relationships. So take the lead from the very beginning of your relationships through the rest of them. A man should know what he wants and know how to achieve it. A woman should count on a man, feel his support and know he will be always there for her. If shorter, a man should be a man.
  1. Expecting a date has to turn out into a relationship. Try not to look for your potential partner in every person you meet. Try to view your Ukrainian or Russian woman as a person you want to meet again, and not as your potential wife and mother of your children. If you like hanging out with her, talking to her, spending time with her, then you should enjoy it. Your hope must be to have another date, not a wedding. 

Don’t forget that people are different and might have different needs. When dating a Ukrainian woman, don’t forget to take care of you. A woman will be always pleased if you are tidy and smell good. And just smile and be yourself!

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