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Are all Ukrainian and Russian girls GOLD DIGGERS? Maybe…

Are all Ukrainian ladies gold diggers? Are all Ukrainian ladies gold diggers?

Hello guys! I am Kate, the CEO and founder of Best-Matchmaking, one of the most successful dating and matchmaking services.

We have already discussed lots of stereotypes about Ukrainian ladies. But one of the most burning issues lots of you are concerned about is whether all Ukrainian and Russian ladies are gold diggers. And today, I decided to devote my video to this topic.

So, if you are one of those who is afraid of Ukrainian and Russian girls searching for Sugar Daddies, this post is exactly for you 😉

Make yourself comfortable and read till the end!

  1. Who are those scary gold-diggers?

Well, if you try to Google gold-diggers, you will first get an offer to check out the Kanye West song. However, if you want to apply to more reliable sources, Wikipedia says that gold-diggers are those people who engage in romantic relationships for money rather than love. So, can cash help you create strong relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian lady that will lead to a happy marriage? Are all gold-diggers scammers? Let’s try to find it out together.

You have to realize that scammers are not going to get involved into romantic relationships with you. It’s even worse when a scammer already has relationships or even is married. They really chase your wallet and nothing more.

Gold-diggers are a bit different, while they search for relationships which could bring them lots of advantages and materialistic benefits. And, moreover, if a gold-digger meets a man meeting all her expectations and requirements, she will marry him with pleasure. By the way, there are lots of happy couples created like that, while both in it get what they want and need.

However, this topic is really worth to devote a whole video to it. So, let’s focus on why we are here. Are all Ukrainian and Russian ladies really gold-diggers?

  1. Well, if all Ukrainian and Russian ladies were looking for Green Card and Sugar Daddies only, our database would be already empty….

Look, guys, we have already discussed Ukrainian girls many times, and I told you that they are really hard-working and can earn for living themselves. And that’s true. Unfortunately, our women often face the problems of being single moms, dealing with lazy or even drinking husbands. And they are really strong, have really strong spirit, and can deal with anything.

When they join our site, they are almost disappointed with men, life, and overall dating situation in their country. They hope to find a man, who would love, respect them, and could provide for their family at least, so they could feel themselves ladies at last, not just housewives.  And it’s reasonable they search for a man who can earn money, who is strong, knows what he wants and can provide for his family. They do not need another kid to pamper; they need a real man who could give them what they want, too.

So, is that an axe to grind or just a wish to have a better life? Is there anything wrong in wishing to have a stronger man and a bit better life? I do not think so.

Look, you see a beautiful lady who is pretty independent and can do anything in life. This lady deserves to find a man who would meet her demands and expectations, doesn’t she?

  1. Another stereotype or truth?

As I told you, Ukrainian and Russian women know what they want. And if a man in their country can’t give them what they want, they start searching abroad. It doesn’t mean that they need your wallet only. Believe me; Ukraine and Russia are also full of rich men. And if a Ukrainian or Russian lady wants to get a rich man and chase for his wallet, she will do that.

But finding a rich man is not their goal. Of course, no one wants to move abroad, leave her country, family, and friends to live poorly in another country. And if you can’t give such a lady a decent life, you’d better search for your partner in another country.

  1. Do not want to face a gold-digger? Then do not look for models 30 years younger than you!

I want to share a secret with you. A beautiful, tall, young, and slim 20-year-old lady with Master’s Degree would hardly search for a 50-year-old father of four children, right?

So, here is my tip: do not search for a much younger lady if you don’t want to face a gold-digger. Such young and beautiful girls can easily find any man even in their country. So, if she paid attention to you despite the 30-year-old age difference, this should be a red flag.

If you want to have such young body and beautiful face by your side at your 50 or 60, get ready to pay for it, even if it sounds mean. And if you search for pure and real relationships, for love, respect, and mutual understanding, then you should think well who you want to see by your side. You should consider a lady not more than 15-20 years younger. Of course, there are exceptions, but if you do not want to become a Sugar Daddy for an 18-year-old girl at your 50, then you’d better search for a bit older lady. I ask each of you to be realistic in your expectations and be honest with yourself. If you are 20 years older, financially stable, have Florida summer house and run a good business, then dating a Ukrainian or Russian gold-digger might be beneficial for you both.  However, if this scenario doesn’t seem too appealing to you, if you are a serious and family-oriented guy, then find a good Ukrainian or Russian lady, maybe single mom, 10 years younger than you.

So, guys, I think we have the same goals. We both want to find you a good and decent life-partner. And if you are afraid of Ukrainian or Russian gold-diggers, just be honest and sincere with yourself.

I would also love you to share your experience. Have you ever met a gold-digger? How did you realize she was one of them? Please share your comments 😉

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