About Us

Welcome to Ukrainian Dating blog, created at the beginning of 2016!

My name is Katrina Elbahey!
I’m an entrepreneur, have been successfully running several business for many a year and one of them is an international marriage agency which brings good results creating happy couples almost every month.
I have 2 masters degrees, one of which is in Practical Psychology.

I’m not here to advertise or abuse any dating or marriage agency !
I’m here to share the information and to give some pieces of advice from my own personal experience for many years to come!

Since almost everyday I am asked by foreign men many different kind of questions as for how to date, meet ladies, to prepare documents for marriage, to avoid scam e.t.c. So I simply decided to create this blog , based on my own experience.
Please Note, All the information, described on the pages of my blog is my and other creators personal opinion and views. I do not try to thrust down throat. I only hope that we truly share the information which may be useful for many people.
And with my best intention I am ready to discuss any subject with my dear friends and with all who will join my blog!
I really hope that many subjects discussed and described at this blog can be useful for any visitor!
Kind regards