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What to expect from a personal meeting with a Slavic woman?

Personal meeting with Ukrainian women Personal meeting with Ukrainian women

Hello guys!

I believe you have met your only one on our site (or just are planning to do it) and now you want to meet her in person. Congratulations!! While this is the best thing you could ever do. Why? Because it is impossible to build relationships via letters or video-chats. Only a real meeting can truly say if you are a match, if you really like each other, and have chemistry. And now, I would like to share some very important information on what you should expect from your personal meeting and what you should or by no means shouldn’t do on it! And I would recommend follow the tips provided if you want your meeting to be successful! So let’s not waste time and start!

  1. Don’t expect a lady will spend 24 hours with you!

I understand how excited you are to meet your potential bride and want to spend 24 hours a day with her. But! Please realize that letter communication is not everything for Slavic women. They do not trust words and believe only their feelings when meeting you in person, looking into your eyes, and talking to you directly. And at that stage, you are not that close – you are two people who have written to each other, found some common interests, expressed their sympathy, and decided to meet and see what happens next.

You come to have a date with this lady. And don’t expect she will appear at 8 am at the door of your hotel and will accompany you all days long. First of all, women also have jobs and some duties, lots of them have children, so they simply cannot afford that. Even if you let them know about the dates of your visit 2 months ahead, they are not able to take vacations or some days-off because it is not that easy in their country. The situation with jobs in Ukraine is not perfect so they will need to have unpaid leave which is often unaffordable for them. Moreover, it may cost them their job at all. So please when you come, realize that you just meet for the first time to get to know each other better and don’t expect a lady jumping into things too quickly!

  1. Don’t insist to spend time without a translator if she doesn’t speak English!

It is great if the lady you choose speaks a bit or even fluent English. In that case, you don’t need a translator and may enjoy communication with each other. But even if a lady is fluent in English, she may not feel comfortable to meet you alone for the first time. It is not because she doesn’t like you but because women are cautious about western guys and not for no reason. There are different situations and sometimes, the intentions of some men are not that transparent and pure and women are very afraid of that. Unfortunately, it happened on our site as well. So if she asks to have a translator with her for the first date, or to take her friend or sister, don’t be offended.

Moreover, if a lady doesn’t speak any English she will accept your desire to remain just two of you without a translator wrong. She wants to get to know you the soonest and have a full-fledged communication, and she doesn’t want to use a body-language to explain something to you. Believe me, there is nothing worse than two people sitting in front of each other and not understanding a single word. So don’t insist on spending time without an interpreter while if she is not comfortable, it will only spoil all the impression of your meeting.

  1. Don’t propose to her on the first meeting!

You may have the purest intentions and be extremely excited about meeting your only one. But please recall rule number 1 – this is just your first meeting in reality. Don’t expect her to fall in love or get married you right after it. So attention!

  • Avoid telling her you love her on the first meeting!
  • Avoid proposing to her on the very first meeting!

Ukrainian, Russian, or any other Slavic ladies will think you are not serious if you propose a woman during the first week of meeting each other. It is necessary to meet her for a couple of more times at least to really see if you are a match. Love at first sight happens but not that often so please turn on your common sense!

  1. Pay for her taxi!

I have already told you a lot that even if a Slavic woman earns well, she expects a man to bear all the date expenses. Needless to say that a man pays the restaurant, cinema, café bills. But once your date is over and you want to leave a great impression on her, don’t ask her how much her taxi costs; just insist on paying her taxi back home. Simply give her a fair amount (when you arrive in her country, you probably already use taxis, so you should know what the average cost of a taxi ride is). Please note that if you come to Kiev, Kharkov, or Odessa, the taxi will cost much more expensive than in other cities there.

This step in not a must! But it will help you make a very good impression and meet her expectations of your meeting!


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