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Family life with Ukrainian women – what to expect after wedding

family life with a Ukrainian woman family life with a Ukrainian woman

Hey guys! My name is Kate, and as always, I would love to discuss your future with a Ukrainian lady today. I have told you a lot about all the perks and drawbacks of dating and marrying a Ukrainian woman. But today, I would love to go further and prepare you for your marriage with a Ukrainian woman. Having a beautiful and hot Ukrainian wife is great, but not each of you fully understands what he should expect after his wedding with a Ukrainian girl.

Are you ready to find out about all the challenges of a family life with your Ukrainian love? Then let’s start!

  1. Get ready to gain some extra pounds.

One my customers from Australia who married an incredible woman from Ukraine recently, complained that he gained some pounds lately because his beloved wants him to eat eight times a day ) of course, this is not mandatory that you will become fat or gain some weight, but keep in mind, your Ukrainian wife will not leave you hungry. She wants to impress you with her cooking skills every day and wants you to never come home hungry after work. So, get ready to eat well because you will have to try all her cooking masterpieces.

Moreover, remember that women in Ukraine have very strong family values, so from time to time, when you visit her family in Ukraine, her parents will also want you to try everything on the table. But don’t worry; Ukrainian cuisine is very tasty so you won’t have to suffer. But if you are not used to hospitality, you will have to get used to it now, after you are a member of a big Ukrainian family.

  1. Don’t forget about the needs of your Ukrainian wife!

Once you get married a woman from Ukraine, you have to realize that she had some life here in Ukraine and she can’t change all her habits at once. Don’t expect her to become just a housewife and wait for you at home every evening wearing an apron and serving the table. Remember that your wife is a personality and she has her preferences and hobbies. If she loves pets and can’t live without a cat, discuss it with her and get a cat for her so she would not feel lonely when you are at work. If she adores sports, leave her some time to attend the gym and arrange it for her, so she could do what she used to do at home. Remember that she comes to a foreign country where everything is different for her. She has no family, no friends, no one but you – her beloved husband now. So think of her feelings as well. If she used to go to gym three times a week, arrange it for her. If she can’t live without a good manicure, let her attend the nail master or a hairdresser whenever she needs that. So, after wedding, get ready to take care not only of her needs but of the needs of your Ukrainian wife, too.

  1. Get ready to be jealous!

Well, it is not a secret that you marry a Ukrainian woman to have a beautiful and feminine wife. Remember that she will get lots of attention; other men will look at her and maybe will even envy you. Of course this is not her fault and she won’t give you any reason to have doubts in her. Ukrainian wives are very loyal. She married you because she met her only one and because she loves you more than everything. But a beautiful woman is always in the center of attention and people will look at her anyways. I will give you one little hint – your wife will be pleased if you are a bit jealous. She will tell you tenderly: “You are the only one I love and want in my life”. But any woman is pleased when her man is just a bit (not too much) jealous!


  1. She might have homesickness.

Remember that your wife sacrifices everything and leaves everything that she loved so dearly to be with you in your country. She moves to a foreign country where no one speaks her language, where she has no friends, and none of her family.  At first, everything will seem new to her and she will be excited. But in some time, she might start feel bad and miss her home, family, and friends. And this doesn’t concern only Ukrainian wife, it inevitable for any person who moves abroad. So I would recommend you to be patient. Homesickness may start in one year after she moved to your country. She may want to leave everything and go home. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you anymore. I would recommend you to arrange a trip for her (you can do it together) to her country and visit her parents and family. Spend a week or two in her country. Believe me, this will be enough for her and she will want to go back to your country again and continue your happy family life.

  1. She will need friends.

It would be good if there are some people who share her interests among your friends or neighbors. It would be perfect if you have some Ukrainians or Russians living nearby. They could get acquainted and spend time together while you are at work. It will be much easier for her when she can find someone who speaks her language and understands her well, so they could go shopping or attend gym together. Any person who comes to a foreign country needs some support and needs to have friends, especially if she is a very sociable person. So you have to be ready to find some friends for her. These can be your friend’s wives or your relatives. But please, arrange some company for her to spend time with when she is not with you.


A family life with a Ukrainian woman is great but there some things expecting you after wedding you have to be aware of. Nothing is easy, so the marriage with a Ukrainian woman may also have its challenges. If you are ready to overcome them, then welcome to Best-Matchmaking!

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