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How do Russian and Ukrainian ladies see their ideal husband?

Ideal Husband for Russian and Ukrainian Girls Ideal Husband for Russian and Ukrainian Girls

Hello from Kate, the founder of Best-Matchmaking, one of the most experienced and successful matchmaking and online dating services. Today, we are going to talk about what kind of men Russian and Ukrainian women search for.

Lots of western men think that Eastern European ladies will be happy to marry the first Western guy on their way, just because he is a foreigner. I might surprise you, but this is not true.

Russian and Ukrainian ladies search not for a western man but for a good man who would meet their expectations and needs. Want to know what exactly is important for a Russian or Ukrainian lady in a man? Then watch the video till the end and make notes 😉

  1. Loving, caring, loyal – these are not just the adjectives for a Ukrainian lady.

You see, when a lady tells you she is looking for a kind and loving man, she means it! And if you all the time tell her you are loving and caring, this is nothing for her. Ukrainian ladies appreciate the men of action, not of words. If you are caring, show her how much you care of her. Don’t forget to ask her how she is doing, how is her family. You should also remember when her birthday is, and you should congratulate her with all the dates important to her. This will show your care and real interest. If she has some problems or difficult life situations, a Ukrainian or Russian lady wants to find support in her man. You have to be really supportive and not leave her with her problems face-to-face. Believe me, these ladies can cope with all the problems on their own, but why would they need a man then?

Besides, Russian and Ukrainian ladies want to feel your care and real interest in romance, surprises, such as flowers, chocolates, and different small gifts. A man should show a lady she is loved and desired, and such a beautiful lady should get flowers at least for holidays or important days. And when it is just without any occasion, it is always a pleasure for her and reminds her she is a woman who is really important to you.

  1. Confident and self-sufficient.

Believe me, Ukrainian and Russian ladies can cope with anything. Unfortunately, some of them have to cope with drunk and lazy husbands, and there are lots of single moms among them. And all they can cope with all this. But at the same time, a lady from Ukraine or Russia can be successful in her career, even when having life difficulties. And she doesn’t need another child she will have to pamper. Such a successful lady wants to have a confident and self-sufficient man by her side, who would be strong enough to be the leader in their couple and family. Who would be a bread-winner and able to provide for their family and their children. Ukrainian and Russian women prefer men who can make decisions and bear responsibility for their family.

So, any weak man can’t be an ideal husband for a Russian or Ukrainian bride, their perfect man should have a strong personality.

  1. A western man can be an ideal husband for a Russian and Ukrainian woman.

So, now you wonder, whether you can become an ideal husband for a Russian or Ukrainian lady or not? I can tell you yes, you can definitely become a great match to Russian and Ukrainian women.

First of all, because western men respect Ukrainian ladies. Unfortunately, men in Russia and Ukraine started to take their ladies for granted. And very often, ladies are treated only like housewives. And any lady wants to be desired, respected, and loved. And if you can show her your respect, your efforts will be really successful.

Another reason is that lots of men in Eastern Europe became very lazy and feel comfortable when women earn more or have several jobs while they entertain with their friends. And that is another problem Ukrainian ladies face. They often do not get any respect and have to cope with all the problems on their own, they work hard and provide for their families.

Fortunately, western men can become perfect providers for their families and they treat ladies with respect. And that’s exactly what a Russian or Ukrainian woman needs.

And if you are respectful towards your Ukrainian or Russian girl, you will have a perfect family with her. You just need to be confident and believe in yourself!

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