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How do you need to look to impress any lady?


How do you need to look to make a stunning impression on a girl?

Going on a date and want it not to be the last? Here are our recommendations about how to present yourself well.

  1. You should look as if you made an effort, but not too much. No woman wants to meet with a man who spent more time preparing than she.
  2. Buy a good wallet. After all, if you get an old shabby wallet when paying for dinner, then all your earned “points” will evaporate right there. Choose a wallet made of brown or black leather. The clip wallet can also be a stylish alternative.
  3. 3. A shirt with a text sends a “message”, and the wrong one. This also applies to ridiculous socks, ties and other accessories with Homer Simpson.
  4. Choose the right shoes. A woman will always pay attention to your shoes and draw their conclusions. Leather shoes with laces or good quality loafers are a proven option. Socks are equally important and should be made of wool or cashmere.
  5. Let your jeans be dark, narrowed and simple. Skinny short skins are unlikely to impress. Also say no to flared jeans, unless, of course, you are going to the rodeo.
  6. Do not forget the perfume. But do not overdo it! Spray them on the chest under the shirt and on the hair, so she had an incentive to get closer (perfume from wrists and neck evaporate too quickly). Also, remember nail hygiene if you want to touch a woman ever.
  7. Avoid sportswear at all costs. Of course, if your date does not include viewing or participating in the sport.
  8. Do not dress as if you were going to a business meeting. Do not wear an official suit, unless your date is in some chic place. If you look like you just left work and made no effort to prepare for a date, then probably the woman will not want to continue acquaintance with you.
  9. No to bulky jerseys! Remember, that if you are over weight than bulky jersey will make you look much bigger or if you are skinny than you will look like not accurate tanager. Jersey is good to be used for jogging. But don’t buy it to be dimensionless, I know that some people really like it because it’s very comfortable but in the context of how it will look- it’s better to toss such a clothes once for all!
  10. Socks! Remember that we wear white socks only when we go to the gym or with any other sport suit but never ever wear white socks with business attire. Your socks must be at the same color with your business attire.
  11. Put on good underwear. Who knows how the evening ends …
    By Katrina El

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