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Gentleman! I’m Katrina El  kate1

Let’s discuss a very important subject. I think it is because many of you, my dear customers have a great wish to marry much younger ( 10-15 years younger than yourself or even more )) and she must be also one of the  most beautiful ladies from Ukraine,  Am I right or wrong? Sure I am right ))))

So the question is  how to be attractive? How to make her to be taken with you and not with your money or a green card of your country ))) Today’s subject is  HOW MEN CAN BEAR THEIR AGE BETTER.

I think any man can bear his age well in his 40s, 50s and even his 60s. At that time he doesn’t need to rely upon miracles, or address even a plastic surgeon!!

There are a number of things that generally tend to age a man!

Firstly, let’s talk about appearance. Although appearance is not everything, it is important, and does show to a woman how a man can take care of himself, and of course it is pleasant for a woman to be with a well kept accurately dressed man.  Also, let’s face it, if a man can’t take care of himself first, how can he take care of a woman as well? Things that affect appearance are untidy clothes, and clothes that do not fit well.  As well of course as wrinkles, baggy skin below the eyes, beer belly, untidy hair, and so on….

Let’s talk about how to change it!
Here are 5 tips on how to look younger!

  1. Overview your wardrobe!

Just discard out of your wardrobe all long-drawn t-shirts, suits and leather jackets which are already 10 years old. Try to wear only good quality clothes which should be comfortable and fit you well. It will help to look leaner and feel younger, as well as feel more positive and confident!

Don’t try to follow teenage fashion. When a man over 40 wears teenage clothes, it looks ridiculous and absurd. Besides, it will not make him look any younger!

It is better for a man to choose classical suits in dark tones.   Shirts and ties should not have complex or “loud” drawing or patterns on them! As for your daily life-style dressing – Classical jeans, trousers and jumpers that fit well are good.

  1. Take a good care of your hairstyle.

Even if you are just 25-30 y.o. an inaccurate hair-do or long and greasy hair, will make you look definitely old and not attractive to any lady. Visit a hairdresser minimum once per month, and you are better to use the service of the same barber all the time once you find one that understands what cut best suits you. Also, please think well about how to change your hairstyle to become more attractive. A simple buzz-cut, or a number one haircut, is always comfortable for any man but a stylish hair-do will make you looks much younger and attractive. Leave your complexes about gray hair. A man with gray hair is considered by ladies to be more sex appeal. And many ladies dislike men with colored hair.

  1. Shave regularly!

Have you ever said to yourself that after having just shaved you look much younger? A man of senior age with grown up beard looks much older than he is. And generally all men, even young, look less attractive having grown up beard. So make it a rule to shave every morning! If you do happen to sport a beard or mustache, and don’t want to change your style, then make sure to keep it in a good shape to look accurate.

4 Start taking care of your skin

The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer it will remain young! First of all, take good care of your face and hands. Choose high quality shaving products, as well as moisturizing face cream according to your skin type. Do not forget to get an eye care cream, it will surely help you to avoid irritation of skin, yet to keep it moist.  Remember that dry skin causes wrinkles to appear faster.

5 Take a good rest!

Red eyes and pale skin, sunken cheeks and baggy skin below the eyes all are evidence of fatigue that surely ages any person. If you want to look younger, always take a good rest. Sleeping must be not less than 8 hours. If you are up to 45 you will have to overview your habits and to replace parties and drinking with sport exercises and outdoor active and inactive rest.

The above piece of advice is step Number One on how a man can bear his age better if he is over 40. Step Number Two is you have to change your mind! More often people tend to look older because they simply feel dissatisfactory of life and themselves, get depressed and so on.

And remember! Age is not a barrier! It’s a limitation you put on your mind!

By Katrina El

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