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How to Compliment a Ukrainian Woman: Do’s and Don’ts

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Do Ukrainian women like getting compliments? Definitely, yes. And if you plan dating or are dating a Slavic lady, then it is especially important for you to know how to compliment her on her looks and not only.

A good compliment increases the woman’s self-esteem and even can be ice-breaking on your date. Giving compliment is a good way to show your interest and attention to a woman. What can be easier than giving a compliment you might say? Unfortunately, giving a compliment is a whole art, and just a small number of men can become a real master in that field.

Find out how to compliment a woman from Ukraine in our guide. My name is Kate, I’m pr psychologist and also founder of best-Matchmaking  marriage agency.

Compliment your Ukrainian woman’s beauty and appearance

First off, each Ukrainian girl expects you to compliment her beauty and appearance. That’s something she spends much time on; she chooses the dress, wears a perfect make-up, and does her hair. That’s why appearance is the first thing she wants to hear compliments on. Keep in mind, that if a woman is really beautiful, she gets compliments all the time.

She might hear every day that she’s the most beautiful Ukrainian woman in the world and doesn’t even take those words seriously. So it’s very important to be distinguished among others and be original. Don’t simply say “You are beautiful” or “You look great”, but show you noticed her work on herself. Tell something like “I love your dress. It emphasizes your eyes”, “Your hair looks amazing today”, or “Is that your new fragrance? I love it, it suits your personality”…

This way you show that you pay attention to the details. Your compliment is not just a general compliment you use for each woman, but something special for this particular lady. When a woman feels a man pays attention to the details, it means he is really interested in her. And that’s very important for every woman to feel special.

Compliment her personality

If you want to stand out among many other men, compliment not only Ukrainian woman’s appearance, but also her personal qualities, such as professionalism, cleverness, sense of humor, etc. Notice her personal qualities which are hidden from other people. Keep in mind, that there is no universal compliment suiting each and every Ukrainian woman, so you will have to use your imagination and open your heart to make pleasure to a lady. Your compliment has to be always exclusive.

Summarising all the compliments

So guys! Here are some more tips on complimenting a woman:

  • Be honest. Honesty and sincerity, without left-handed flattery is important. Compliment only those things you really like, otherwise she will feel you are not sincere.
  • Forget about her age. None of your compliments should concern her age. Never say “You look great for your age”. Avoid this subject/
  • Don’t pass an advice for a compliment. Never say “You look beautiful when you wear red”… That’s a sort of a way to change a woman according to your own needs. A woman might think she is beautiful to you only when she wears red.
  • Don’t start and finish your compliment with a certain date. Don’t say “You look more stunning than ever today.” It means that usually she is not stunning at all. Instead of this, say something like “You are always amazing”.
  • Watch your language. The manner you speak is also very important. Avoid using vulgar words. Women feel more pleasant and comfortable with those men who control their language. Also, if that’s your first or second date, try avoiding such words as “babe”, “cutie”, “honey”, etc. Women don’t like arrogance.

That’s a short guide on how to compliment a Slavic woman. Remember that your own words might become your trap, so think well before giving a compliment. Always be sincere and your great ability to compliment a woman will mean you’re half way to  your success.

Kate the dating bloggerAbout the blogger: Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency is the devoted International Marriage and Matchmaking agency for single Western men with serious intention to meet Slavic women for dating and marriage. Our matrimonial agency has been in business for more than 10 years.

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