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How to identify a possible scamming woman?

scamming woman

My dear friends!

My name is Katrina Eland I’m writing a new article for you! My question is have you ever thought of How to identify a possible scamming woman?

To our great shame all Slavic countries have some women that are dating scammers, and it’s the main factor that makes many Western men wary of even attempting to meet a Ukrainian woman. Of course often a scam can be very difficult to detect, even after a personal meeting.

So, let’s say you have finally met a woman, and what to do if something seems to be not quite right, and you suspect you are being scammed?

There are some quite straight forward signs that I can advise to men that can generally show if a woman is sincere, or not.  So please read below, and hopefully it will help you prevent a possible future bad experience avoiding scamming woman. I t might be not so easy to ascertain sincerity if you have distant relations with a woman, but once you come to visit her, be smart enough to see these signs:

  1. As I said so many times in my previous articles, a lady who is willing to meet any kind of man is generally not serious. There are some men who never post pictures on their profiles. The legitimate agency will always ask you for a picture and more personal information before introducing you to lady.

No serious agency will just promise you a live meeting with anyone you choose on the internet.  An agency may say “Just come to us and we will arrange all of your meetings”. But think about it, is a serious woman going to want to meet with just any guy that rolls in. No, she will also have her set of ideas about the general type of guy she wants to be with.  If she doesn’t, then it is usually a sign of a dating scammers.  A scam agency  may not be interested in your age either.

  1. Think twice about the age difference. A serious lady will not agree to meet a man who is too much older than her. In my opinion it’s a very serious issue to anyone who deeply thinks of family creation. Remember this, and so look for a lady closer to your age. Even if you are 50, a lady in her 40 still can have children (if this is part of what you are looking for), and of course can remain beautiful for many a year.
  1. Monetary help. Even if she is not asking you to go shopping with her, but keeps asking you about your economical situation and what you are willing to “ give” financially to her to become your future wife, be wary. This question is something that can be asked of course, but it shouldn’t be given such a large importance. Dating scammers love those questions.  So If a woman seems to be returning to this question all the time, and so is giving it priority, then it is a good sign she is not sincere about marriage. More important questions that a woman should ask that will show to you that she is sincere are, but not limited to:
  • What are the most important things about you that you want your future wife to know?
  • What are the most important qualities that you would like your future wife?
  • What made you decide to seek a wife abroad?
  • What are your interests?
  • How do you prefer to spend your free time?
  • What do you think of children? Would you like to have more or not?
  • Do you have children? If so, what are their names, what are they like?
  • How do you vision yourself as a married person in say 5-10 years?

If to think about it, these questions are also what a sincere man should also be asking of his possible wife.

Also related to financial matters a scamming woman may often try to highlight her distressful situation being Ukrainian citizen! Obviously, with the intention of seeking financial assistance. Of course, if you get to know someone deeper, and a normal relationship develops, helping each other is a normal thing. BUT NOT STRAIGHT AWAY!!

Please, be aware, Ukrainian citizens have plenty opportunities to gain good employment, and good living standards, I mean those people who want to do something to achieve it of course.

Ask yourself; “Is it easier to ask someone for money, than to start making actions to earn the money yourself”? Of course it’s easier to cry, pretend,  and ask for money, if you are insincere!

Be careful with such category of scamming woman! But, don’t be disheartened, there are many sincere women in Ukraine!!

  1. She dreams to travel from country to country and you are willing to take her to the most expensive places before marriage! Or, “Let’s meet not in Ukraine”, she says…”let’s meet in Maldives, or in Dubai.” Sure you will have to pay this expensive trip and so on. But, ask yourself, maybe she just wants to travel for the sake of traveling, and no more?

My dear friends, be smart but not paranoid!! I guess its one of life’s rules in many aspects of life!

There are bad girls yes, but I personally believe that there are many more good woman than bad!! Good women who truly wish to be married. They are waiting for a good and caring husband like you my dear friends.

So, when in Ukraine, be a gentleman as much as you can, but do not lose your brain)))) falling in love!! Fall in love of course, but turn on your brain at the same time!!

By Katrina EL



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