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How to impress a Ukrainian girl? Some helpful tips

how to impress Ukrainian girl

Have you ever asked yourself   about how to impress Ukrainian girl ? Are there any tips to help with it? Here I Am, my dear friends to  help you regarding any question of dating or matchmaking. My name is Kate and I’m founder of marriage agency Best Matchmaking!

In this article I’m going to share several secrets about how to represent yourself on the first date in Ukraine in order to impress Ukrainian girl.

Firstly, to impress any girl you must  take care of your look!

In some of my previous articles I discussed this subject already and gave very useful tips on how to dress up nicely to impress your lady.  So make sure you dress up tidy and properly before going to a date.

Let’s say you’ve just arrived at your lady’s country and  even if you’ve lost your language somewhere at the airport- no need to become desperate! Ask your personal assistant  to take you to the clothes shop to solve the problem ( by the way at our agency every customer has personal assistant when he  travels to Ukraine)

Your lady  must be impressed with your look first of all and than with your intellect of course.

2 Communicate effectively

Believe me, poor communication can destroy the beginning of potentially happy couple. If you do not know how to communicate with a foreign woman, you do not have a chance to build a devoted relationship. As simple as that.

Ask me how to communicate effectively if you do not know! And I’ll be happy to recommend you a dating couch who is to teach you!

3. Always avoid negative talks especially at the beginning of your conversation.

Negative talks as well as gossip talks only shows up a low level of the person who leads them. Any intelligent lady believes that if a man is smart enough than there will be plenty of positive subjects to discuss especially on the very first date!

4. Find common subjects.

I would suggest you to learn about your lady’s hobbies and interests before your 1 date will take place. Remember that everyone first of all is interested in himself/ herself and like talking about herself as well as to discuss the thing which interests her most of all!  So take time to find out what your lady’s interests and hobbies are.

5. Always be a gentleman!

No matter what and how your date goes it is a must to see your lady to her home or to the taxi. It wouldn’t go a miss to pay her taxi expenses and of course to pay for a dinner and not ask her to share the bills.

I know that in some countries sharing the bill is a normal stuff but NOT in Ukraine or Russia. If you ask her to share the bill you’ll immediately considered to be stingy ( a lady may not say this straight to you) but most likely this date will be your last date!

Learn more about complimenting Ukrainian ladies in my video:

6. Always express interest in her family members especially if she has a child!

You must have already known that Slavic ladies are very family-oriented and very devoted to their kids. So she will be surely impressed if you will ask her about the child not just briefly but expressing a deep interest.

She will be even more impressed if you decide to bring a little present to her child and will agree to spend all your time together.

As you may see to to impress a Ukrainian girl will not take a lot of efforts but you must to pay an effort if you are pursuing serious goals of marriage.

Kate the dating bloggerAbout the blogger: Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency is the devoted International Marriage and Matchmaking agency for single Western men with serious intention to meet Slavic women for dating and marriage. Our matrimonial agency has been in business for more than 10 years.

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