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How to make your first meeting with Ukrainian woman successful?

How to make your first meeting with Ukrainian woman

How to make your first meeting with Ukrainian woman successful?

Is it really possible to marry a Ukrainian woman?

Some advise for those wishing to know how best to go about dating a Ukrainian woman from Katrina El…

Well, of course it can be difficult to date a woman who lives in another country, even if you may meet once or twice. It is not the same as having a close physical proximity with each other. But, many have been successful, so it can be done!!

Most importantly, you must make the most of the opportunity when you do spend time together in person!

Normal questions at the forefront of a future groom’s mind include: How do I make our first meeting successful so that it may lead to a serious relationship? Which International Dating Agency do I choose? Which country shall I choose to visit?  To answer these questions, and more, I would like to give the following advice, dear Friends!  

  1. In my opinion “Dating Socials” are not worth attending. It is true that some men have had success at such events, but they are really a cheap form of Speed Dating!! As well, generally (there are exceptions) women who attend such meetings receive payment for their attendance from the agencies.  So one has to ask oneself straight away…are the women that are attending sincere?  There are of course serious ladies attending such socials who are serious and sincere in their intentions to meet a husband, but it is rare. So I think there is a better model for dating in a foreign country.

The model I prefer is a personal meeting.  A personal meeting has to be tête-à-tête.  Yet it must be based on some introductory communication, where two must base their relations on some common interests!  In short, dating someone overseas should be no different to dating someone in your own country. You want to get to know the person you are dating, because after all….you are looking for someone to spend you life with!!!

I do not mind socials, and I do not want to say that all ladies invited to there are scammers, but I simply do not believe that using such model of dating will be the best way to use your time when in a foreign country and looking for a possible partner! If you are coming to Ukraine to have some fun, nothing serious, then social dating can be good for time spending and flirting with beautiful ladies.

Other essential things for effective dating are:

  1. If you express yourself in your correspondence as a real gentleman before your personal meeting, an impression of a serious man will be made and appreciated. It totally increases your chances to marry Ukrainian lady.
  2. It’s always very important on how man presents himself! Always be yourself. Never try to hide any information. Do not try to show what is not about you. Women often can feel lies.
  3. Every lady wants to have an intelligent man by her side. So remember that it’s worth to pay attention on self-development. Also, dress well, and good physical shape wouldn’t go amiss!!

By Katrina El

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