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How to understand if your woman loves you, or not?


How to understand if your woman loves you, or not?
It has been one of the most asked questions of me kate1recently on my blog!

The answer to this timeless question is indeed generally reasonably easy! You just have to pay more attention to how she acts!! 

Try not to have emotions involved, but remember that the quality of her behavior is very dependent on YOU , dear man…How you behave yourself, what you do, how you express yourself, and what place she takes in your life, are all important elements!

Also, please do not think that your lady owes something to you. She doesn’t owe you anything until you also take responsibilities in front of her!

So let’s get back to the subject!
How to Understand if your woman loves you or not?

1 Your happiness is my happiness! 

To love means to experience an emotional connection. When your lady truly has “ a same foundation and leads in the same direction “ with you, this means that she is interested in long lasting relations. A very famous Author Robert A. Heinlein said: “ Love is when your happiness is more important for me than my own” 

2. I think that you are perfect although I know that it’s not true…

Unconditionally, there are no perfect people. But when your woman truly loves you everything in you becomes marvelous for her. Not only your appearance but also your behavior, your walk, your smile, your habits and  your oddity. She is not focusing on your weak points, she just marks all good about you.

3. I keep my promises

Whatever she says …but “ I love you” is just a phrase, and if it’s not supported by certain actions then you have a right to doubt whether she really loves you or not.  A “Right” woman will understand that she must keep her promises, not only men are obligated to do so. 

4. I respect you.

A lady can not love a man if she has no respect towards him.Love means deep respect of your feelings/thoughts/opinion/ A loving woman will always ask for her man’s advice especially when it comes to taking of some very important decisions. 

 5. I believe you.

Another aspect of love is common trust. A woman who loves will rely on her man in many things and expects reciprocal trust. I like very much the following quotation: “ Love gives you the power to destroy yourself, but you believe that it will never happen” 

6 I’m with you no matter what…

Best improvement of your partner is her aim to always be closer to you, always be together. I do not mean only the physical aspect, but also emotional.  And the most important is to support you during difficult times. Not just to be happy together when everything goes well.

7. I always have a wish to do something for you.

“Love” is not a noun, it is a verb. Why? Because real love needs to be proven by actions. Also by great efforts and inputs from both partners. If those actions are absent feelings die out as fast as it was blazed up. A smart woman as well as smart man clearly understand that to conquer a lady is not enough, you have to always work hard to improve your relations, to save, grow, and develop your love. 

Dear Gentleman, I truly wish you to meet a woman who will truly love you and support you in any times of your life. I’m sure you can find such lady in my agency because most of Ukrainian brides are very devoted to their men, as well as being very family oriented!

Sincerely yours,

Katrina Elbahey  

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