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My name is Katrina! I created this blog for the purpose of helping foreign men to build successful, and long-lasting, relations with Ukrainian brides!

In each article that I write I aim to express and share all my experience and knowledge about Ukrainian bride’s mentality, their ways of life, and common situations you may face in daily life once you decide to be connected with a Ukrainian lady.

I have a Master Degree in Practical Psychology, which helps me in this work.  In my new article I’m going to share with you some very important guidelines about how to build up a successful and long-lasting relationship with a Ukrainian lady.

I hope it will be useful for you!!
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Have you ever thought; what is the difference between couples that stay together forever and those who just brake up really fast? You may consider it’s because some people are lucky and some are not. Well, it’s not really so.

I believe there must be a real emotional connection between two people in order for them to have a stable and happy relationship. What is an emotional connection? It is so-called intimacy. Oh, please do not get me wrong here. Intimacy doesn’t mean kisses, hugs or sex only. It is something much more, which is really based on a deep personal connection between two people.

Some may say: “Oh, there was no spark in our relations, and we had to break up…”

But what is ‘SPARK’? It is definitely not physical attraction only. It is trust, admiration, the ability to see all the good in your partner, not just the negative. Because lets face it, no one is perfection. It is the ability to accept her, or him, as she or he is. It is the ability to give without expecting to get something in return. Unfortunately, most of the people do not even try to think or to understand that!

When you start building up your business or study at the university,  or doing sport professionally to achieve remarkable results, do you work really hard? The answer is definitely YES! So who said that in order to build up successful and long-lasting relationship you must not also work hard at it!!

Now, let’s discuss some possible rules that may lead to happiness.

Rule number 1: Always be open towards your partner!

Being too open is often considered to be weak. Well, it is not so! Once you show her your sensitivity, you are able to make her feel trust in you. So if there is the ‘right lady’ by your side, then she will accept you and try to support you by all means. A Ukrainian bride (according to her mentality) will generally be thankful for her man being so open and trustful with her.  There will start a new level of your relations, full of trust and understanding.

A Rule number 2: Be generous!

Being generous means the ability to give without expecting to get something in return.  Being generous also means forgiving your partner if they seek your forgiveness. As well it means to be brave enough to sincerely apologize when you were wrong.

Being generous means giving your attention, smile, admiration, and gladness. So you will get the same in return from your partner.

A Rule number 3: Remember to surprise each other from time to time!

Surprises are capable to ginger up a relationship, even when relations seem to be dead, as they give feeling of magic moments, especially when the two of you are so bogged down with your daily graft. Because, from the very start of your relations each day is full of surprises, as you get to know your partner more and more.  But with time the fire can get dull, so you have to pay more attention at your relationship’s condition at any moment and its development.

Happy couples, after many years together, always get an adventure to surprise each other, as every partner gets real enjoyment to see ‘spark’ in his\ her spouse eyes.  This is what may really hold them together.  So any little surprise prepared by you, such as romantic dinner for example, can really make your partner’s day!  Mark in your day planner not only  business tasks but also to make your lady surprised and you will be blown away with the result that will come out of it!
A Rule number 4: Always allow some time just to be together!

Your job, daily routine, child-rearing, social networks, books and many other things may occupy quite a lot of your time!  If you have a lot of work to do, or cannot skip your business, then you really have to spend each free moment of your life with your loved one, otherwise your relations can be destroyed!  Even sending of a couple of nice sms during the busy working day can really make up your partner’s positive mood.  And once you are together- try to forget everything what surrounds you daily!!! Be completely devoted to your partner!

By Katrina El


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