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Internet dating scams, who are them?

dating scams

Internet dating scams, who are them?
How not to get scammed using online dating agency?
Unfortunately, internet dating scam is quite well knows all over the globe! Men, joining international dating agencies continue getting scammed. So how to prevent it?
And why all those people knowing about possible scam risks keep trust to suspicious web sites and finally get scammed?

And this is even not the matter of the money! Everyone knows those issues about “ seeking for money scammers” It’s the matter of wasting your time using fraud agency which ladies are not sincere and have no interest to marry a foreign man. Most of them have boyfriends or even husbands. Some of them even might be working 50 or 60 men at one time.

Most of the people are trustful and the result is -they swallow the bait.
It’s well known that not everyone on Internet dating sites is looking for love;
The lower economic situation in the country- than the lower social and moral values of it’s citizens! Speaking about such as African continent countries where internet dating scams has highest percentage. Unfortunately, most of the Slavic countries are not exception.

So What are the warning bells for you to understand that you are getting scammed?
How to find out if you are dealing with the Internet dating scams?

• Be aware that web sites with plenty of beautiful ladies who is ready to live chat you 24/7 is 100% scammer web site.

• Almost all international dating scams agencies represent their ladies In a very vulgar way, using the sexiest and immodest pictures which make any man to drool over. Than ask yourself a question : Are those ladies really looking for marriage?

• If you see about 3000-4000 girls available at certain agency – it might be not a good feature, because mostly huge database contain scammers being half of them.

• Almost all scammer ladies will send you same stories when it comes to asking for money: that they are often getting into different kind of troubles, hospitalized or some of close family members (parents and siblings) are dead. All typical scammers will ask you for money to get out of a bad situation.

– Also be aware if your girl starts taking you very serious and too soon! It’s another game using romance and emotions, especially when she understands that you have swallow the bait already. Those girls often create dreamy profiles that sounds like the ideal mate you’ve described in your own dating desires!

– Its completely the same story when a girls claims that she loves you already after very first letter. It’s ridiculous and disingenuously, so be smart and read carefully what she writes and offers.

– When it comes to live meeting scammer will always find several excuses to not to meet you in person

Anyhow, how to protect oneself? To my mind the honest International Marriage agency you are dealing with must have:
• Valid contact information on their web site, not just field for filling a form and click on a button to send, but also all necessary information with all e-mails and telephone numbers.

• The owners and stuffs must not hide themselves; it’s good when you can see their pictures and all necessary information, including company’s number of the license in ABOUT US section.

• The owner or a general manager must be easily reachable.

• The agency must have love stories and it’s another good feature to be able to provide a potential customer with the direct contact of happy past customers – to share their stories with the new ones who is doubting. Because actually anyone can place any picture into his web site, it’s understood. So I think that customer always has a right to ask to connect him/ her with the people he sees on the pictures that owner represents on the web site as a happy created couple.
• A real marriage agency must have a page about how to prepare the documents for marriage, not only girls pictures and how much you should pay for services )

• If your friend has good story about an agency he used before- ask him to send you a link, so may be they will help you to find a good match as well too!

If you believe you’ve been the victim of an Internet scam, go to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center for more information.

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