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Is it easy to marry for a man in his 50s?


Gentleman! There is another article has just been created for men at senior age.

Is it easy to marry for a man in his 40s or 50s?

The majority of my customers are in their 40s or 50s, and there are not too many who are divorced. The majority have never been married!  How to find a solution to this?


I’m my opinion, and as practiced in our individual matchmaking service, first you must understand what type of man you are? Let’s read in this article, where I explain.

Ok, so for the beginning, let’s take a look at certain types of men.

  1. Successful career builder: –

In his 40s, he is still very busy building up a career, and making money, or even getting a PHd for future career perspectives.


He is handsome and practicing sport, ladies often pay attention at him. In addition he is still single- Wow, do you think he is a womanizer? No, he is a good family oriented man, who has a great desire to start a family, and values family traditions.  BUT he will not pay attention to just any lady! He wants to chose the one who really deserving of him and has a similar level of intelligence.

Because such intelligence stimulates his interest. But it is not easy to find such a partner! So this successful man still remains single in his 40s or even 50s.

  1. Kazanova or womanizer.

He started his first relationships already in a kindergarten, and since than he just kept enjoying рэфиш life, dating sometimes 2 or even 3 ladies at the same time.

Before he knew it- he is already 45.  What to do, and where an honest lady for family exists he has no idea at all!


  1. A man with a shy personality.

Still a good guy, often educated and intelligent. Usually has a good stable career, and great job. BUT  some people are very sociable and some are opposite- very shy. When it comes to ladies- shy type of men have no even idea of how to start a conversation.

Are you conversant with this?

The result is:  in the majority of those cases Such men become introspective and lonely, In addition all close friend have gotten married already long time ago.

Now some advice from a Psychologist:

If your life priorities are computer games, job, or gym, but you still want to find your soulmate, then it is worth to learn to organize priorities! Because the result we are going to achieve will come from the work we put in! And it is always worth to look around. Because someone who really likes you  might be just 1 click from you…. ?

So please be honest and say to yourself if you are similar to one of those types of men? Then welcome to our matchmaking agency, where we are sure to select a decent lady for the type of man you are!

We know how to find a lady and to teach a man to be oneself if he is shy.

We also know how to select a decent lady for a super busy man if he is too much into his career.

And if you are a “reforming” womanizer, then we surely know how to select an honest girl among those who is only interested in a one-use meeting.
By Katrina El

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