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How to Manage Long-Distance Relationships with a Ukrainian woman


Lots of people think that long-distance relationships with Ukrainian or Russian women never work out and do not have any right to exist. But nowadays, when International online dating became so popular, such distant love is a commonplace and it even became an integral part of many people.

Nearly every third couple experiences long distance relationships at least once in their life. Distance in relationships isn’t easy to deal with. It may kill your feelings totally or vice versa, strengthen them. If long-distance relationships became an inevitable part of your life, you probably have a strong desire to work on it and fight for it. But how to save your relationships when beloved live in different cities, countries, or on different continents?

That’s what we are going to discuss today, how to make your long distance relationships work and get the best out of it!

Let’s start!

Have only a positive attitude.

You should remember that your mood, thoughts, and temper have a huge impact on your partner and your relationships. You should also understand that each relationship has to go through its own challenges. And long distance might be one of yours. Perceive such kind of relationships as something new and try to get the best of it for yourself.

You might find new hobbies which do not have to involve your partner and enjoy your time when being far from her. You probably have friends and maybe family, so don’t forget about yourself. Take your time to enjoy life. You might be alone, but not lonely at all. So choose what’s better for you.

Communicate constantly.

When you are far from each other, it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate as often as you wish. Don’t forget to text each other every morning to wish a “good morning” and every night to say “good night”. Use emoticons, stickers, choose your special ones to cheer your beloved up. Don’t forget to take pictures and short videos to send your darling as often as you can. Send her lots of selfies everywhere. This will show her your attention.

This way, she will feel she is in your thoughts always no matter what. But don’t be predictable. Make some special moments. Send her unexpected love letters and postcards. Order a bunch of flowers or other cute gifts from time to time. And, of course, never forget about special dates, anniversaries, etc. Send congrats, greetings, and small gifts every time you have a special date.

Be interested in life of your Ukrainian bride.

If you live apart, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be interested in the life of your better half. Share your favorite moments with each other. Stay updated with her life always. Ask what’s going on in her life currently, how she spent her day. If she sounds to be upset, ask her what happened. Texts are good, but don’t forget to see each other in a live chat.

See each other faces and smile to each other. This will help you express your feelings and emotions. Can you imagine that some people even proposed online? Yes, that’s true though it might seem to be weird. But it really proves there are so many ways to cope with long time relationships.

Never get bored and exclude jealousy.

Lots of people who face long distance relationships are afraid to lose interest in each other with the time passing. Of course, you do not see each other regularly and might have no common topics to discuss every day. But don’t forget long distance relationships are as real as any other types of relationships. And you can think of topics to discuss.

You might feel the lack of romance when being far from each other. But in that case you have to create special evenings. Meet online, light candles, and enjoy each other’s company in a live chat via Skype or Facetime. Isn’t that romantic when people exchange love letters every day? When they send surprises to each other?

Just think, lots of couples lose romance in usual relationships when they see each other every single day and even wake up in one bed. And you have this unique opportunity to be romantic every day. Love letters, surprises, romantic video chats, all this will help you maintain romance in your relationships almost every day. Don’t forget to be caring and surprising. Use every moment to enjoy each other.

No micromanagement, only trust

But please, do not try to control your “remote” girlfriend from Ukraine. Do not call her daily to just check where she really is, with whom, and what she is exactly doing. Don’t forget that jealousy only destroys relationships. Remember that she also might be jealous of you and think the same, where are you, what are you doing, who do you spend your time with.

So try not to give her any reasons for jealousy. Instead of asking each other annoying questions, spend a quality time with each other by texting something pleasant, loving, and romantic. Trust each other. Keep your fire burning, but do not burn your relationships down!

You’re so lucky because daily routine cannot break your relationships!

Yes, long distance relationships can be a challenge for any couple, but usual relationships can be a big challenge, too. Do you know how many couples break up because they can’t cope with their daily routine? That’s one of the main reasons to break up.

And you both are so lucky not to face daily routine in your life. Yes, distance is difficult, but you have so many advantages to enjoy when being so far away from each other.

Always think of the moment when you finally meet in real.

Yes, being far from each other is difficult. But imagine how happy you will be when you finally meet in real. These thoughts have to cheer you up all the time while you are apart. Now you have so much passion to give each other!

Now you know that if you face long-distance relationships with your Ukrainian bride, you should not have any fear. It can be a big challenge for you both, but you have a unique chance not to wallow in a daily routine, you will miss each other, and appreciate each moment spent together even more!

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