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Men’s Mistake in Ukrainian Dating 2. Is Ukrainian Dating an easy thing?


MY Dear Friends!
My name is Katrina  and I’m more than happy to present you my new article called:
Men’s Mistake in Ukrainian dating PART 2. Is Ukrainian Dating an easy thing?

Every time I notice again and again how many mistakes men tend to make in dating Ukrainian ladies. Why? There are mental, cultural differences, and so on. All people are different- there are no complaints, but If you’ve decided to date a Ukrainian lady- be attentive enough to every little thing.
This subject is especially very painful for me, because after speaking to some male clients- the agency gets blamed, which is completely wrong, because no agency can guarantee you marriage. You must be smart enough to understand that you are not buying goods in a store; we are talking about relations which is a very personal thing, and a couple has to be smart and crafty enough to maintain them to make it lead into marriage.
I’m telling again and again to all my customers that Ukrainian Dating is not easy! I am not the only one to bring awareness to this subject. Many other Ukrainian bloggers also do. So, what are the keys to successful relations with a Ukrainian lady?

#  Issue number 1: To get a lady’s direct contact is not enough.
Many men try to avoid online dating agencies for some reasons. Instead, they just prefer to buy ladies’ telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. The agency’s task is to make sure that a lady likes a man enough and wishes to begin the first stage of communication. Let’s say this is done and two people are connected. But are you smart enough to find common subjects for conversation, and how about alignment of interests? You must understand that just speaking about you and her daily routine, will lead to monotony in 2-3 days and your communication will lose its point. Try to make her have a need for you- then you are a winner.

## Issue number 2 To be young and attractive is not enough!
Many men mistakenly think that being attractive enough will help them a lot to build relations with any lady. Today, many Ukrainian ladies are very well educated and smart. Yes, many of them pay attention to men’s age, and some of them pay attention to a man’s appearance.  The first impression is definitely very important, but if afterwards a man proves to be stupid, aggressive or annoying- it will not work! It will also not work if there is no alignment of interests for the two of you. Maybe being young and attractive is enough if you are looking for an ignorant lady who doesn’t care about anything but relocation.

### Issue number 3.  If you have stayed single for many years.  
There are plenty of men who remain single even in their 50’s. If you are a deep-rooted bachelor- the situation is not in your favor. You have likely not cared for someone, or shared your life with a lady. To start a new life is going to be very, very hard for you. First of all you must ask yourself: is marriage really what you want? Are you ready to see someone new in your house every day, and how about sharing not only good moments but also bad? If your answer is YES, then you must understand that you are supposed to learn a lot about women: how to treat them properly, how to build up healthy relations, and many other issues. I’d even suggest to contact a family psychologist, which is sure to give you plenty of useful advice. Do not forget to learn about Ukrainian people’s mentality, as it’s completely different than your own.

#### Issue number 4. To be annoying doesn’t mean to be serious!

Some men, once making contact with a lady, start annoying her with hundreds of phone calls and messages per day. Where are your good manners? Learn to respect someone’s private space. Everyone is busy, and if she decided to share her contact information with you- this means you are responsible for making her feel good by sending your messages or calling her, not annoying her with excessive messages. If you express yourself as a polite gentleman who knows how to respect a lady’s interests- you will always have the key to a successful relationship!

##### Issue number 5.  If you want to date a girl who is 10-20 years younger.
You must present yourself to raise her interest in you!!! You must not only have a good body and pretty face, but due to a huge age difference, you should understand her interests quite well and try to adjust to them. She must feel positive and secure enough being by your side.

##### Issue number 6.  A man shall always feel sure of himself! – this is what makes any man feel like a man! It’s a little secret. Any lady can immediately feel if a man is feeling sure of himself or not. Because if you are not- it would immediately give to any lady a feeling of compassion towards you! By the way, that’s why many Ukrainian men who have really low self-esteem personalities  (it’s about 80%) tend to buy expensive cars; they even take out bank loans to prove to someone (especially to ladies) that they are worth something -:lol
So, feeling confident in yourself is definitely another key to your success. Having intellect would also be beneficial for you.

# ##### #Issue number 7.  Don’t be a tight ass!

When dating a Ukrainian lady, do not share the bill and make her pay. It’s considered to be very ugly and impolite! A favorite phrase of many men: “I’m not rich” is estimated by a Ukrainian lady as “I’m tight and stingy.” Remember that no Ukrainian lady will agree to marry a stingy man and go with him to his homeland if she doesn’t feel herself financially secure. This issue will surely warn any woman and make her stop relations with you.
Needless to say, every lady needs you to create a little fiesta in her daily routine.
Every lady needs flowers, candies, shopping and teddies, remember that. Even if you are not rich, but if you have a great wish to please her- to make her feel safe, to make her smile every day- you are a winner. You are laying the groundwork for a strong, long-lasting relationship.
Finally, there is nothing wrong with consulting a family psychologist to get directed to the right way. I bet, you guys, when starting to attend the university- think very, very carefully how, what and where and which university to choose. So, pay enough attention and time in choosing a life partner.

By Katrina Elbahey


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