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No Ukrainian or Russian woman wants to date you? Find out the reasons! (Part 2)


Hello guys, Kate is here again and today, I would like to keep discussing your biggest mistakes when dating Russian or Ukrainian girls.

Since I face different situations every day and see how some men scare good ladies off, I decided to expand this topic and give you some more tips for your dating experience with Russian and Ukrainian women to be successful and by no means disappointing. I share the mistakes of other guys with you, so you could avoid them in your dating.

So, let’s start!

  1. You have serious intentions and want to have marriage. That’s great! My congrats! But please, don’t talk about it on the first date!

I am often asked by men when is it the best moment to propose to her. And some guys simply start talking about marriage on the first date. Moreover, they do not just talk about it, but require the lady to reply at once, whether she is ready to get married in 6 months or one year, for example. They just put the lady into a tough bind. And I strongly recommend you not to do this!

You see, first date is a first date. It is not your first year together. And it should be really easy-going, light, and positive. There are hundreds of topics to discuss – your hobbies, interests, travels, your families, brothers, sisters, jobs, pets, and so on. But talking about marriage and asking her how soon she is ready to marry you on your first day is the biggest no-no! Without any doubts, your first date ends up with failure! Any Ukrainian or Russian lady goes for the first date to get to start getting to know you, not to marry you the next day!

Keep in mind that talking about your feelings on your first date is a red flag for her, too! I understand that the lady is really stunning and is the one you could only dream of, but come on, is that really time to speak about love on your first date or when corresponding? Be sure, such a pressure and rush will scare any Ukrainian or Russian girl off!

  1. Are you searching for a wife or for a housewife?

One of the biggest mistakes men do when searching for a Russian or Ukrainian wife, is searching them for the wrong reason. I strongly recommend you to go to Ukraine or Russia only if your goal is to find your soulmate and true life-partner.

Yes, Ukrainian ladies are perfect housewives, but they have their life-goals, hobbies, and interests and they do not dream to be a housewife in your country. They search for a foreign man to find a partner, a support, a friend. And if you search for a housewife only, you’d better search in another country.

  1. I understand that a Russian or Ukrainian lady is really hot, sexy, and stunning, but expressing your sexual desires to her at the very beginning of your communication is not a good idea!

One of the most common dating mistakes Western men often make is telling your Russian or Ukrainian potential match about their sexual desires. Yes, Russian and Ukrainian girls are very open for dating but it doesn’t mean they are open for sexual adventure on a first date. What is your reason for searching a lady in Ukraine or Russia?

If your only reason is sexual experience then you should not cross thousand miles for a Ukrainian or Russian bride. Of course, any woman wants to feel desired, but the first date or even online communication is not the best time to show her what you want in bed.

And please, do not undress her with your eyes on your date. It is better to focus on the conversation on your common interests, hobbies, life, culture, etc.

Once you start talking about how you want her and nothing more, she would think you are interested in nothing else but a one night stand. And if you make such a long trip to find your future wife, please avoid this topic during your dates.  A Russian or Ukrainian girl is very understanding, but she meets a man from another country not because she wants to hear his sexual desires at once, but because she wants to find a good and confident man.

And a man, who is talking only about his sexual desires or problems when looking for a wife, doesn’t seem to be that confident or reliable.

Making love is very important for relationships, but please do not talk about it as if you haven’t had it for one hundred years. Otherwise, you will never have a second date with that lady.


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