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No Ukrainian or Russian woman wants to date you? Find out the reasons!

No Ukrainian woman wants to date you? Find out why! No Ukrainian woman wants to date you? Find out why!

Hello everyone! I am Kate, the founder of one of the best and most experienced professional matchmaking services and online dating sites, Best-Matchmaking. Today, I would love you to find out why Russian or Ukrainian girls do not want to date you, while you consider yourself to be the best match for them ever!

The truth is that even if you are absolutely confident that you are the best man on Earth for her, she might think differently. I bet you wonder why. Read this post till the end and find it out!

  1. You are such a handsome and successful man, in a perfect shape, but a young and beautiful Ukrainian or Russian lady refused to date you? Then let me ask how old are you?

Yes, I know that you are absolutely confident in you and sure you are an eligible bachelor. I don’t doubt it even. And you deserve for a great Russian or Ukrainian woman. But not the one 30 years older than you! Of course, there are exceptions when young Ukrainian and Russian ladies fall in love with the men 30-40 years older. But these are just exceptions, not the rules. So, believe me, there are amazing stunning-looking ladies in Ukraine and Russia who are as successful as you, are in their best shape, and would become your perfect match!

Chasing a girl 30-40 years younger than you is the biggest mistake ever. You might find a good friend or a lady who doesn’t mind to use your help and get the gifts from you, but surely not a devoted wife! So, I strongly recommend you to choose a lady taking into account a reasonable age difference! Be realistic and everything will work out!

  1. You ask so many questions and show her how much you are interested in. But she suddenly disappears? Maybe you’re not asking but interviewing her?

Remember that people are different. There are ladies who are very talkative and there are pretty shy ones. But anyways your communication should be a dialogue. If you all the time overwhelm a Ukrainian or Russian girl with your questions, it’s a red flag for her. Let her ask you questions, too, let your communication to be positive and natural.

Also, do not be too pushy. If you exchanged phone numbers, don’t call her days and nights. Remember she has her job, family, and some duties. If she didn’t reply you, don’t overwhelm her with the messages or constant calls. Ukrainian and Russian ladies do not like that. Give her some freedom; she is not your wife yet. And with such an approach, she might never become even your girlfriend.

  1. You save money and tighten your belts because you take care of your future with her, and she didn’t appreciate that? Keep in mind that Ukrainian and Russian girls might simply think you are too greedy.

Of course, taking care of her and your future together is perfect. And you would need some savings to take her to your country, wedding, etc. But please, never tell her how expensive everything is, your trip to see her, your efforts to communicate with her through an online dating service, a bunch of flowers for her birthday, etc. This is going to be your biggest failure with a Ukrainian or Russian lady! Remember that she is searching for a foreigner not to move to his country. (She has a good life here, too!). But to find romance and love. And romance is not just a number of words for her. Your actions speak louder than words! Any Russian and Ukrainian lady adores flowers and at least some small gift for holidays. She wants your attention and lightness in relationships. Not your complaints about the cost of everything. If you tell her all the time that it’s so expensive to come to see you, sooner or later you will get a refusal. Even if it is true, the lady doesn’t have to hear that all the time. Yes, she is understanding and no insensitive. But believe me; she has her problems and life difficulties, too. And listening to the complaining man is not something she is dreaming of!

  1. You try to share your previous experience in relationships with your Russian/Ukrainian girlfriend. Look, she thinks you are talking too much about your ex!

Well, discussing your previous relationships is necessary, to avoid the same mistakes in the future. But not all the time! When you talk to your Russian or Ukrainian woman about your ex-wife or girlfriend and recall her in any possible situation, that’s a red flag!

Your woman might think you didn’t forget your ex as for now, and still have feelings towards her. And when you complain about your ex, that’s not much better. Please discuss your previous relationships once, twice, but not all the time. Stop telling her ex-wife or girlfriend is a terrible person, otherwise, your new girlfriend will think that all the ladies are bad for you, and once something goes wrong, you will tell the same about her.

So, note – discussing your previous relationships is good, but complaining about your ex-girlfriends or talking about them all the time – is the biggest no-no!

So, guys, everything I told you today is my huge professional experience I want to share with you. I would like each of you to avoid those mistakes and find a good Ukrainian or Russian lady!

To be continued…

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