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Romantic Tours to Ukraine

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  My dear friends! My name is Katrina El. I’m your Ukrainian Dating Blogger.

Let me give you a brief overview of Romantic Tours to Ukraine and Ukrainian Hotels.

Many foreign men who have never visited Ukraine before keep asking me about every single detail on how to make their Romantic Tour to Ukraine successful in not only about selecting the right lady but also about choosing good accommodation and so on.

Here are some useful tips, my dear friends :-)))

A brief overview of Romantic Tours to Ukraine and Ukrainian Hotels.

Why do Romantic Tours to Ukraine and Russia are offered by many International Marriage agencies?  Why after you’ve made a step 1- have written enough letters to some ladies- you suppose to make a step-2- to meet them in person!

Dear men, if you have already spent enough money to write letters, chat and send gifts through a marriage agency , I would recommend you to find the courage and confidence to come to Ukraine and meet you potential wife-to-be.

A good Agency should be able to fully organize a Romantic Tours to Ukraine for you, including meetings with the ladies, transportation, interpreter, accommodation and hotel arrangement services. There are some tips on choosing a hotel further in this article.

Your Ukrainian Marriage Agency can offer you a total price for the entire tour or to give you the possibility to pay separately for each service…

You have to make it clear to yourself that without a personal meeting face to face with your bride all your previous efforts of communicating with her would be worth nothing.

The question is on how to set up a good Romantic Tours to Ukraine, to chose an honest International Marriage Dating agency, a legitimate one!

If you are a traveler and love sightseeing- you may simply use any travel agency to Enjoy city tours of Ukraine including Palaces, Museums and places of importance with photo stop and shopping.

Our Marriage Agency, for example, will always give you an opportunity to order each service separately. We always focus not only on customer’s requests but also on their budget. If it’s expensive for someone to book a taxi transfer from Kiev to Kherson for example, we’ll buy you a train or bus ticket, which is much cheaper…

And of course, no less important components of Romantic Tours to Ukraine are hotels & accommodations . Whether it is a hotel or an apartment it must be clean, comfortable and the price should be affordable.

For those men who arrive in Ukraine for more than a week, I would recommend staying in apartments, as you can save some money on food because you can cook during your stay. And for those who come for a couple of days, the hotel will be a viable alternative.

Apartments also have their standards. On request, one can rent an apartment for you at a price equivalent to a 5 star hotel.

On average, the price of apartments is from $ 50 per night. Many of our customers always prefer staying in apartments only. Apartments for rent, especially in small towns like Kherson, Zaporozhye , Nikolaev  etc. have much higher standards in terms of comfort and cost less than hotels…

Without doubt the choice of hotels is better in big cities and there is more competition. Every hotel, even the smallest one tries to provide the best service possible because there are a few similar small hotels nearby.

Price policies of Ukrainian hotels also vary; on average price starts at around $ 40-50 per night and there are cheaper and more expensive hotels. Our agency can book a hotel for you the price for which may range from $ 30 to $ 3000 per night. Our company, for example, does not charge daily interest of the client’s stay in the hotel or apartment, we only charge $ 25 per booking .

Other clients want to save some money by booking apartments themselves; doing so you can be deceived, because you will be asked to pre-pay your booking. The same situation may occur when choosing the type of transport to come and meet you at the airport. A driver of a car may not arrive and taxi drivers who are looking for customers at the airport upon arrival seeing that you are a foreigner may ask you to pay the price which is 3 times higher than the usual fare.

I highly recommend you to contact our agency to order any of the above mentioned services. Believe me, you will not overpay much but get a 100% guarantee.


By Katrina Elbahey

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