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Russian Men vs Western men: The Big Battle

The Big Battle The Big Battle

There are a large number of Russian and Ukrainian ladies seeking for Western men. Because of that, you might think that these women do not like or not want to date men from their countries. However, it is not really true. But what are real reasons for Russian females to seek for Western men? Are they better than Russian ones? Let us try to find this out together.

1.Money Making.

Western men can often hear Russian women’s complaints about local men who are not able to earn money and provide for their family. Is that the myth or true? Well, it is true, but only partially. Of course, there are men in Russia or Ukraine who do not want to work or simply can’t find a good job to provide for their family or at least pay for their girlfriends. However, it is a part of Russian culture that men are bread-winners and women are home-keepers. And this tradition still works. There are lots of really successful men who earn well, run their own business, or work for good and successful companies. But of course, if you take an average Russian man, his salary will be much lower than that of a Western man. For that reason, Russian ladies also seek for western men whose average salary will give them a better life. Women might be tired to work hard all their lives and want to find a man who would earn more. That is one of the reasons for Russian ladies to seek for Western men.

 2. Courtship.

This aspect can be easily won by Russian men. Well, the reason is Russian ladies used to be treated as weak ladies, that is in their blood. They want to feel a man fall after them. That is their nature. They are not feministic, but very feminine. And they adore when a man conquers their heart day by day. Western men got used to feministic society, where women are independent and equal to men. And when coming to Russia or Ukraine, they are afraid to offend a woman with their courtship or certain actions. And that is their mistake. Women here like when a man brings flowers to a date, when men kiss their hand, open the door for them, etc. Russian women adore when a man is confident and ready to conquer her. That is something Western men lack. While they are afraid to offend a woman or her to accept their actions in a wrong way, they are perceived by Russian ladies as non-confident and shy. Of course, not all of them. There are Western men who can be really romantic and this helps them conquer a Russian lady’s heart in a matter of days. But most of them are really too shy and that is a big obstacle to create a good connection with a Russian girl. Also, despite their not big salaries, Russian men always pay for a woman on dates and anywhere else. So, if you want to be better than any Russian man, you have to be confident first of all.

3. Respect.

This aspect is very important for Russian women. You can often hear that Russian men have lost their respect for women and treat them bad. It is also true. Modern Russian men are more aggressive and often are not respectful to women. That is something that attracts Russian and Ukrainian ladies in Western men, their respect for women. Of course, there are exceptions both among Western and Russian men. There are very respectful Russian men and also disrespectful Western men. But in most cases, Western men really respect Russian ladies more. They accept everything they do with gratitude, cooking, housekeeping, etc., whereas Russian men take everything for granted. We can truly say that the Battle of Respect is won by Western men.

4. Appearance.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The truth is that lots of Western men come to Russia or Ukraine not in their best shape. Modern local men mostly pay attention to their appearance. They follow the best fashion trends, buy beautiful shoes and clothes, and wear stylish hairstyles. That is something that attracts women from Ukraine or Russia. But again, there are lots of exceptions. Russian ladies know how to look stunning. So, if you want to conquer your Russian lady totally, you have to look after you as well and pay attention to how you look. You do not have to wear an expensive watch or shoes, but at least look tidy. There are also lots of men in Russia or Ukraine who abuse alcohol. That character feature pushes local women away. Western men lead a healthier way of life, and this gives them an extra point.

As you can see, there is not a big difference between Western and Russian men. They both have advantages and disadvantages for Russian females. But the truth is, the number of women in Russia and Ukraine exceeds the number of men a lot. And that’s also one of the reasons for Russian ladies to seek for a man abroad.


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