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Scam or not Scam??? A negative and positive experience about dating Ukrainian Brides! Why may this happen?

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Hello, Guys!

I’m Katrina- your Ukrainian Dating Blogger.
In my new article I am going to tell you about my friend Reggie’s not so positive experience based on meeting Ukrainian Brides.
Reggie O. is 60 y.o. man who had been married to Slavic lady before has a lot of experience in Dating Ukrainian Brides. He is also a good scam exposer. He was visiting Ukraine many times with no success. Why may this happen? And how to prevent mistakes which Reggie has made in establishing relations with Ukrainian Brides?

Let’s find out together.

…”  Hi all! I arrived to Odessa Ukraine on March 8th 2016, Woman’s Day in hopes to surprise a bride I had a good correspondence with and who I thought could be a good candidate for discussion of marriage. her letters were kind and just what I hoped for. When I called her up to surprise her, this was my welcome; “Great, good news you are here, now you can take me shopping for perfume and lingerie”! I had just arrived after a 10 hours flight, just go settled in my flat, excited to have a special dinner with her that night and that was the welcome I got? I told her have a great Woman’s Day and told her goodbye. It seems, at least in my case. These are the type women I come to find whenever I travel to Ukraine in hopes to find a bride. They send such nice correspondence to inspire and give hope to travel to meet them, and then they treat you for their advantage. Why is that? Why can’t a woman be excited I arrived early to surprise her, be more interested in finally meeting me and spending a good time than the focus to what she can get from me. Had she proven a worthy woman, I had in my bag some special gifts to surprise her and show my care. Her stupid attitude spoiled not only my excitement but any chance of relations found with her. I hear many stories to the same degree of marriage seeking men arriving in hopes for a bride, only to find such disrespectful, spoiled, inconsiderate and immature Ukrainian Brides more interested in emptying their wallet than getting to know them as a person. Until that attitude changes, millions of Ukraine women are going to find a very small pool of quality eligible men to marry!

Online dating has made a significant change from the late 1990’s when you actually had a fair chance of finding a bride online. Now such corrupt and scam operating websites such as and A Foreign Affair dupe men into thinking the women posted on their site truly wish marriage when in fact: 1) many of the women are often paid by the local agencies to write letter and paid a commission of sorts for the revenue they generate, 2) agency employees may indeed write the letters pretending to be the woman you may think to be writing, 3) I have heard reports that many of the women posted actually have a boyfriend or may even be married, they feign interest in you to make money and that is all and 4) agencies will do anything to keep you a revenue source, thereby one reason for example reported over 110 million in revenue last year. That’s great , but tell me how many people did they marry? Where is that statistic posted and verified as true? The mark of a true dating site is represented by how many marriages happen. But you have to realize it is NOT in Anastasia’s or any other site’s best interest to get you married, theirs is to drain your wallet dry for as long as you can until you either give up or wise up! We all have been victim, including myself!

I am currently working on my second book which will feature in-depth commentary with regards to the current state of affairs with Online Dating and the shift from an actual matrimonial model but one of (sex) entertainment. Honestly most men who now travel to Ukraine are going for sex NOT marriage. But yet they use marriage sites to select their pray giving those of us who really wish find a wife, a bad rap. So it happens on both sides, men start to use women and women are using men. Truly a sad state of affairs. MY purpose here is to help anyone recognize if the woman they are talking to is actually genuine or not and realistically, you can get great letters like I do, but it is the actual meeting that tells you what you need know about the intentions of a woman as you see where her priorities lie, with you or what you can give her. I spent one month in Ukraine visiting Odessa and Nikolaev. I can’t say of the girls I wished to meet and find relations, any of them actually proved to be genuine or worthwhile. One I thought maybe someone to consider only to catch her in a scam. I had already planned for that to happen, just sad it was her who proved my hypothesis true. She has since tried to scam a few other guys from what I hear! Another I really liked, she was 31 years old and controlled by her mother. Now we all know what kind of future that holds for us being married to a woman obliged to her mother and not of her own independent mindset. I gave her some chances to redeem herself and show she could be free of her mother, but alas, when mother called, she jumped. There are GOOD women you can find and I did meet a few, just not what I was looking for, despite we had a nice time and all liked me and we are on friendly terms. I am guilty to have an ideal in a woman and so my focus is to getting as close as I can for I know what makes me happy and I do not wish just settle for what I can get. That proved a disaster form my previous marriage! You have to be smart and recognize the woman for who she is and why she wants be with you. It gets hard for sure when you are tired of being lonely. But you have to persevere!
This is a good forum to utilize and gain experience, gain knowledge and find answers, so don’t be afraid to utilize it. I am also glad to help where I can, maybe I can help save you from heartbreak, who knows? Don’t be afraid to ask and certainly don’t be too embarrassed to report any woman dishonest or a scam so others may not fall prey to their illusions. Regards always! Reggie Oglesby.”


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