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The dos and don’ts when corresponding with Slavic women

The dos and don’ts when corresponding with Slavic women The dos and don’ts when corresponding with Slavic women

Hello everyone!

I am Kate, the founder of Best-Matchmaking and today, I want to discuss some things that can affect your success with one of our Slavic ladies. Sometimes, you don’t pay much attention to letter or video correspondence thinking that the content you write doesn’t make any difference. And you really should while your success starts from the very first letter and what you tell to your woman! So today, I will tell you all the dos and don’ts when corresponding with Russian and Ukrainian women in letters and online chats.

Ready? Then keep reading till the end while this information may surprise you a lot! Let’s start!

  1. The list of questions!

Very often, you, guys, send a very long list of questions in your very first letter to a woman. Yes, I can understand you don’t want to waste money and time and want to get to know your woman the soonest and at once. But please, never do this! When opening your letter, a lady wants to see some warm and cheerful words and some humor. She wants to see the light flow of emotions and doesn’t expect to get a list of questions to be interrogated. If you don’t want to seem too boring for her, you’d better forget about long question lists and communicate on a positive wave. Show her you are an easy-going person with a sense of humor instead of being a terrible and crashing bore! This is the very first thing that will turn her away from you!

  1. Your thoughts about intimacy

Some men hurry to ask women about their sexual fantasies or share their fantasies with women. Of course, sexual life is very important but Ukrainian or Russian women are not talking about it in letters at all. They don’t share or discuss such topics in video chats as well. Intimacy and physical contact are very important for them in relationships and it is obvious for them when you are a couple you will talk about it and have it. But if you are trying to find a wife, don’t even start such talks during your correspondence, otherwise, she will think you are no serious and the only thing that interests you is intimacy.

The same thing concerns feelings. I have already told you many times that expressing feelings in letters and video-chats is not for Slavic women. So don’t do it yourself and don’t ask her to do it. If you have feelings in correspondence, it means for her you are not serious and write this to every lady.

  1. Don’t discuss financial issues!

We all know that top-quality online dating is not a cheap way to meet someone. But if you have chosen that way, you should be ready for that and not complain. Very often, men start writing right in a letter about how expensive it is for them to write letters and try to send their contact information right through letters. Or they use various tricks to send their emails or phone numbers in video chats. Please, note, guys, that such behavior is one of the worst red flags for any woman! Once you start complaining and sending her your personal info she thinks you are greedy. Even if online dating is expensive to you, don’t show this to a lady. On our site women also pay for their membership and none of them complains, so why should you?

Also, when you plan to meet her in person, don’t tell her about the costs of your trip or arrangements. Very often, men start talking about all the costs of the fees on the site or their trip right during their Skype calls. Do you really believe a lady is pleased to hear “I need to pay some amount to meet you”? Believe me, she is not only not happy to hear that but also has an impression that she owes you something now.

After such Skype calls, women often ask now “why is he discussing that with me?” so please, guys, never discuss or complain about the costs of your online experience. Women will not appreciate that and will only think you always complain about everything.

  1. Don’t forget your video chat is a dialogue and not a monologue!

There are different people and some of you are shy, others are very talkative. But don’t forget that a video talk should be a dialogue between you both. If you are too shy, think about what questions you will ask her beforehand to avoid uncomfortable pauses. But some men are so talkative that they talk only about themselves in a video chat or letter and absolutely forget that there is a woman who may want to ask you some questions too, or wants you to ask how she is doing or other questions that would show you are interested in her. So, my dear men, please don’t forget to lead a dialogue always and ask your woman different questions, make jokes, and give her time to reply to your questions. This is a very important aspect while exactly this problem arises most frequently when people communicate in a video chat. If you are too shy and are silent most of the time, she will think you are too boring and there is nothing to talk about with you. But if you don’t let her even put a word, she will think you are too selfish and take care only about yourself. So I recommend always choose a golden mean when you have a Skype call.



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