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The first time with a Ukrainian woman – when is she ready for it?

The first time with a Ukrainian woman The first time with a Ukrainian woman

Hello guys, I am Kate, the founder of Best-Matchmaking, one of the leading dating and matchmaking service. Today, I want to discuss a very delicate topic with you – your first intimacy with a Ukrainian woman. Lots of you ask me when it’s time for you to have intimacy with a Ukrainian woman. Let’s start with a first date!

  1. First date is extremely important!

Once you find a good woman on the dating site, you will sooner or later come to visit her in country. You will have the first date which is crucial for your further relationship! First impression is very important to everyone. Your communication on distance is absolutely different from real meeting. You left your virtual world now and came to real communication; here you will have to make your best impression on her! Face-to-face contact can’t be replaced with even the best modern technologies. Your voice, your look, your charm, and even your smell are important to her!

Modern Ukrainian society doesn’t have restrictions or frames concerning when a couple has to get closer, so it is only up to yours and her personal feelings. Some of the ladies have to make sure that you are really her potential husband. Others are more open and can have physical relationships with you without any obligations. However, all this depends on her education, manners, and character.

Sexual life is very important for your marriage. However, first date is not the best time to insist on intimacy. Remember, you see each other for the first time in your life and such an early intimacy is not desired. First, you have to make sure you don’t have any barriers, physical or emotional.

Some of my clients told me that in their country, if they don’t show any affection to a lady, she might think you are not interested in her. But please, do not show your affection by grabbing her into your arms or touching her knees. This will only scare a Ukrainian woman away from you!

You should show your affection correctly, keep an eye contact or touch her hand softly. Don’t forget to watch her reaction; you have to be able to understand her behavior properly. If there is a barrier between you, if you see she is not ready for you to touch or kiss her, don’t insist, give her some time.

  1. First kiss with a Ukrainian woman!

Lots of our customers wonder whether it’s ok to kiss a Ukrainian woman in the first date. First of all, you have to be patient. Do not insist or push her kissing. Otherwise you might spoil everything. If you don’t want to destroy everything with your Ukrainian lady, be very patient and never hurry things no matter it is a kiss, intimacy, or marriage. Ukrainian women are never in a hurry. Some guys start kissing a Ukrainian woman during the first date. Of course, they want to bring their relationships to a new level the soonest. But this approach lowers your chances a lot, while first kiss is crucial for your future relationships!

You have to learn reading a Ukrainian woman and realize her desires and see her reactions. So remember, do not hurry things up and do not wait too long. If you don’t kiss her for a long time (of course, if you both like each other and she feels attracted to you), she might think you are unsure about her or your goals.

First kiss, as well as first night with you is essential for any lady. So you have to prepare for it. Don’t forget that a Ukrainian girl has to like you and be attracted to you physically. For that reason, you have to make sure to have fresh breathing and look confident and tidy. So, cleaning your teeth and taking shower before your date, even if it sounds banal, is very important. Some guys simply forget about that. And the lady pays attention to your look and your fragrance first. If she likes your smell, this is 50% of success. So do not neglect a good expensive fragrance before having a date with a Ukrainian lady!

  1. Don’t make any unexpected motions!

Remember that everything has to be calm and quiet during your date. A Ukrainian lady won’t appreciate if you suddenly grab her hand, or kiss her when she doesn’t expect that. Remember that your goal is to make your lady want you, and not shock her!

Watch some movies about romantic heartbreakers and learn how they do it if you are not sure you are able to behave properly with a lady. So, if you don’t want to get a slap on your check, better do everything naturally. Remember that women prefer strong and confident men who know what they do and want.

If your first date and first kiss were successful, you will become her boyfriend very soon. But if you fail, forget about any relationships with her.

Remember that if you both feel comfortable with each other, and you see she is ready for a kiss, do it. You, as a man, have to take everything in your hands, a Ukrainian lady will never kiss you first, and she has to feel your affection towards her. If she feels uncomfortably, don’t hope for any kisses and especially intimacy with her.

  1. There are no rules!

I can specify the rules or provide you with dos and don’ts on when you have to take your relationships to the next stage, but there are no rules. Everything is about the feeling. If the lady feels well towards you and likes you, you will have your romantic relationships the soonest. But if not, nothing can change that. However, if you are confident and good-looking for her, do your best for her to feel comfortable with you, you can always increase your chances for success. Intimacy is very individual for every couple. But the only thing you can do is to be polite, attentive, and show how you care about her and that you are a real gentleman. Some women are shy; others are more open, so you have to learn how to understand your lady’s behavior. Never be rude or obsessive. When your mutual attraction is strong enough, you will have this very special moment with your lady. Regardless of all the surveys and experts’ opinions, only your mutual desire and affection are important!


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