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The Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should NOT Date a Russian or Ukrainian Bride

The Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should NOT Date a Russian or Ukrainian Bride The Unbelievable Reasons Why You Should NOT Date a Russian or Ukrainian Bride

Nowadays, lots of Western men dream of meeting a beautiful woman from Russia or Ukraine. It’s no wonder while the rumors about these ladies to be so beautiful and sexy have spread all around the globe.

Dating Russian and Ukrainian ladies online or in real life is one of the main reasons western men join dating sites and agencies. However, when they start dating these stunning creatures, men often face various problems they could never think of. And some of them cannot cope with these special issues and leave that idea of Russian-Western dating.

Let’s try to find out whether dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman is for you and why you should not date a Ukrainian/Russian lady.

Russian/Ukrainian parents-in-law.

This might be too dangerous for you. Each time you visit your girlfriend’s house, your visit is accompanied by various feasts and it is not polite to not finish your meal in these countries. So, get ready to cope with that amount of food. Russians and Ukrainians are well-known for their hospitality and they adore overfeeding their guests until they can hardly move.

You should always try what her mom or grandma has cooked. So, if you don’t mind to put on some extra pounds, then this will not be an obstacle.

By the way, her dad will surely test you on the stage of your acquaintance. And, of course, it’s normal. They have to be sure they could entrust you their precious daughter. Her dad might want you to drink with him. And you’d better do this; otherwise, he might think you are too weak. Your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend’s parents have to be sure you are strong enough to protect their princess.

That’s why, if you are afraid of such a sociable and hospitable family and of eating much, you should not date a girl from Ukraine or Russia.

Break the ice-challenge.

Get ready to face the problem that almost all Russian and Ukrainian girls are pretty reserved and they will keep some distance before you can get closer to them. At first, she might seem to you an Ice Queen even if she is interested in you, and especially if she is really interested in you!

A Russian poet Nekrasov who lived in the 19th century said that a Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter the burning house. And that is really true. Russian and Ukrainian ladies are really strong and independent and it might seem she doesn’t need any help from you. However, it’s not true. Yes, their characters are very strong, but once you get closer to them, you realize, they are one of the most tender and loving creatures in the world.

But before this happens, you will have to conquer her heart and prove you are interested in her. She has to know you are a good man to unite her life with yours.

So, if you are not ready to spend time conquering her heart and breaking the ice, you should not date a lady from Russia or Ukraine.

They are too beautiful for you.

This might sound too ridiculous because beauty and sexuality are one of the reasons Western men prefer dating girls in Ukraine and Russia. However, this might become an obstacle for you if you are scared of beautiful ladies. The majority of these ladies look as if they are at the podium. They look stunning even on their way to the closest supermarket or walking their dog.

Keep in mind, Russian and Ukrainian girls are very demanding. And if they look great, you will have to dress up and look good, too.

If you do not want other people to wonder how such a pretty lady could end up with such a man like you, you will have to put some efforts to be worthy of that woman. And if you are not ready to see the envious glances of other men, you shouldn’t date a girl from Ukraine or Russia.




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