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TOP5 countries where meet and date hot and beautiful women

TOP5 countries where meet and date hot and beautiful women TOP5 countries where meet and date hot and beautiful women

Greetings to everyone who is looking for his better half. My name is Kate; I am the founder of Best-Matchmaking come, the leading international matchmaking and dating service. Today, I would love to talk to you about your search and, namely, about the best countries to meet and date hot and beautiful women. Ready? Let’s start!

  1. Columbia.

Columbia is one of the best countries for dating if you want something exotic. In Columbia, people speak Spanish and if you are an American, it will be easier for you while lots of Americans study Spanish at school and lots of Columbian ladies speak English nowadays.

There are not many perspectives for foreigners in Columbia, unless you come here for meeting beautiful girls. Columbian ladies are very exotic in every aspect. Their appearance, their English accent, and even the way they dress are exotic to Western men.

Ladies in Columbia are very easy-going and open to meet foreigners, so you are lucky. Columbia is the country of night clubs. And foreign men go there to meet hot and beautiful Colombian girls. But be careful, you have to define from the very beginning what you want from relationship. Some girls in Colombia do not look for serious relationships at all, so if you are looking for that as well – meeting a girl in one of the night clubs in the country is perfect.

But if you are looking for serious relationships, then do not look for her hot look but try to learn her personality and some background. Because very often too hot and sexy Columbian girls appear to be nothing more than gold diggers searching for a foolish foreigner.

So, these sexy Latinas are very easy to approach especially in a night club. But make sure to check if she is really interested in you, otherwise you may face a real Colombian gold-digger. But if you find a girl with true intentions towards you, you will be lucky to have a really open, beautiful, and frank lady by your side, who, by the way, is an amazing dancer.

  1. Thailand.

This country is one of the beloved places for any foreigner. It’s no wonder while its warm climate, beautiful landscapes, and amazing beaches keep attracting people from every corner of the globe. Of course, dating in Thailand is also an attractive perspective for western men.

Thailand women are even a bigger exotic for western men than Latina ladies; they are some of the most beautiful women in Asia. And if you have ever visited Bangkok or Phuket, you know what I am talking about. When coming to Thailand, you are surrounded by a bunch of beautiful ladies.

Women from this country are not only beautiful, also they are well-known for being caring and very submissive, while their dating culture if very different from that in the West. But be careful, while Thai girls love money, especially when they meet a foreigner, and are known to gloss over everything. And they do it because it is a part of their culture. Thai people believe that it is better not to tell sad truth. On one hand, it is not that bad, because a lady from Thailand will never say anything bad to you, but on the other hand, you never know when she tells the truth or not.

  1. Latvia.

Latvia is absolutely different from two previous countries. It is a wonderful combination of modern European culture and old-fashioned Slavic family values. Latvian women are also very popular among men from other countries. And there is a good reason for that. Latvian girls are very beautiful, tall, feminine, family-oriented, and just charming. They are admired by men in many countries. And as a western man, you may feel lucky because the number of women in Latvia exceeds the number of men a lot. And, thus, you have all chances to date one of those Baltic beauties. Latvian females are just wonderful and I don’t even know if dating them may have any drawbacks. Besides, almost all of them speak perfect English. So you won’t face any language barrier in the process of dating.

But it doesn’t mean that any girl in Latvia is ready to throw herself at every foreigner. They are not easy to approach. And there is a reason for that, while Riga has been a center for sex tourism for a long time. So each Latvian girl will be very cautious about the foreigner coming to her country. You will have to prove her your intentions are pure. But once you do that, be sure that a Latvian girl will be the most devoted wife and the most caring mother for your children. They can successfully combine their good careers with a happy family life, and these Baltic girls have time for everything.

  1. Ukraine.

Ukraine is a very popular destination for western guys looking for dating and marriage. Ukrainian-western dating is very wide-spread nowadays. Ukraine is the country with very beautiful and feminine ladies, as well as Latvia.

I have talked a lot about the beauty of women in Ukraine, so I won’t repeat it again. Beauty is just the tip of the Ukrainian dating iceberg. And you can’t date and marry a woman just because she is beautiful. What about her personality and inner world?

Ukrainian girls have beautiful personality. They are very tender, caring, devoted, and loving partners. But at the same time, they are very strong. They have a strong will and can cope with any difficulties.

Modern girls in Ukraine are very educated, smart, and intelligent, they can become your best friend and best lover. But it doesn’t mean you should go to Ukraine and start getting acquainted with a girl in the street. No, they won’t think you are serious then. Ukrainian ladies are not that easy to approach. The dating culture is a bit different in that country.

Ukrainian women require attention. They used to get flowers on every date and want you to steal her heart. So Ukraine is a great country for dating beautiful and hot women but keep in mind it won’t be easy, it requires certain efforts. But once you steal her heart with your romantic and serious attitude, you can be sure to have the most devoted and passionate girlfriend.

This concerns not only Ukrainian girls but also females from Belarus. Their appearance is a bit different from that of the Ukrainian girls but still very Slavic-like. Women in Belarus are also very open to dating foreign men; they often speak very good English and make wonderful wives and partners. But they will also require you to invest some efforts into relationship and show your serious attitude. Once a Belarussian girl realizes you really love her personality and are ready to surprise her, she will melt.

  1. Brazil.

Dating hot and beautiful singles in Brazil is probably the easiest for American men. Brazil is the country in South America and it is not difficult to get in touch with these amazingly beautiful and hot Brazilian females. Girls in Brazil are also very open to foreigners and easy-going. Their curvy bodies and sexy figures attract men from all over the globe. And it’s no wonder they are perfect dancers! They say all Latina girls are crazy and very emotional. But it is not really true. Girls in Brazil are very passionate. And that is one of their biggest advantages. They see sexual attractiveness as a part of healthy relationship. And they invest a lot in relationships. And remember that if you are faithful and loyal to your Brazilian girlfriend, she is yours forever!

Beautiful and sexy appearance of a Brazilian girl is a sort of a stereotype. Once you meet a girl from Brazil in person, you will see that she is very sensual and tender. The Brazilian personality will make you return to Brazil in the search of a girlfriend year after year. And if you learn some Portuguese, be sure to steal the heart of a Brazilian beauty, while they appreciate a lot when a man shows interest in her culture, country, and language.


We from Best-matchmaking unite men from all over the globe with beautiful women from Eastern Europe, including Ukrainian and Latvian females. We have very different women on our site, they are ladies of different age groups and different appearance. But all of them have common goals – they search for a real healthy relationship with a Western man. Join us if you want your dating to be safe, secure, and 100% successful!


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