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TOP5 Good Reasons to Date a Latvian Woman

Top5 reasons to date Latvian women Top5 reasons to date Latvian women

My dear men, my name is Kate and I am sending my warmest greetings to you. Today, I would love to devote my video to one of the most beautiful women in the world – ladies from Latvia. Lots of western men want to marry a woman from Ukraine or Russia but not all of them know the real advantages of dating Latvian women.

So, today I decided to make it clear that Latvian girls are also decent candidates to date and marry western men. Want to know why? Keep reading till the end!

Reason 1. Latvian Women stand out from all Baltic and European ladies.

Latvia is a beautiful small European country. And Latvian women keep and preserve all the ancient traditions. These ladies are ready to follow their husbands wherever necessary. Girls in Latvia are very devoted to their husbands, as well as all the Slavic ladies. They are European ladies but they have adopted all Russian family values due to their historical background. They are still very family-oriented and very conservative. Family is the core of their life. In fact, Latvian girls are a perfect mixture of the German and Slavic traditions and that makes them perfect women. On the one hand, they are very modern and follow the latest trends, and on the other hand, they are very family-oriented and are willing to have only those relationships which lead to family and marriage.

Reason 2. Latvian girls cherish western and foreign men.

Foreign men who come to Latvia are highly privileged by Latvian women. Nowadays, the interest of western men towards females from Latvia is increased, and they feel even more convenient when communicating and dating foreigners. Besides, they not only do not mind dating foreigners, they really long for it. Latvia has only 2 million inhabitants, and the number of women highly exceeds the number of men in the country. And meeting a western guy is one of the best options for these Baltic girls. They feel really lucky and happy if they manage to date and marry a foreigner. According to statistics, more than 30% of women from Latvia marry a foreigner. The number is really impressive!

Reason 3. Girls from Latvia are not picky!

As I mentioned above, women in Latvia strive for dating foreign guys. And they do not need you to be super rich or handsome. They just want you to be a good man. Anyway, it doesn’t mean they marry the first foreigner coming to their country. For her to like you, you should show her your true gentleman’s attitude. This drives the mind of Latvian females crazy. A Latvian woman doesn’t need much because she is hard-working herself and can earn well for living, but she needs to feel secure with a man. Once you prove her that you are family-oriented, she will feel safe and will be yours. Last but not least, she needs to be treated with respect. So, she doesn’t need a rich man or a handsome guy, but she wants a family-oriented, reliable, and respectful man. if you are ready to show these traits to her, she is yours.

Reason 4. Latvian females speak fluent English.

When you search for a Slavic bride, you often face a language barrier problem. Yes, Slavic ladies are perfect moms and mothers, they are very beautiful but when you do not speak a common language, the dating might turn into a real challenge for you both. You will hardly meet a girl who doesn’t speak English in Latvia. And this is one of their biggest advantages. These ladies are very educated and English is the second mother tongue for them. Moreover, they often speak other foreign languages, too. Besides, they are very smart and interesting interlocutors.

Reason 5. Latvia has one of the biggest numbers of top models!

Last but not least, Latvian women are very beautiful. The facts say that they are the tallest women in the whole Europe. They take the third place after Estonia and Lithuania in producing world’s famous top models. Now you can imagine that every second girl in Latvia looks like a fashion model, so is there an advantage of having a Latvian girlfriend? Of course personal traits are very important, and the personality of women in Latvia is nothing but great. But every man wants to see a beautiful woman next to him. And a tall, slim, blonde, and very elegant and stylish Latvian woman will make a perfect girlfriend!


These are the main reasons to date Latvian women, and if you want to know more about girls from Latvia or Ukraine, watch my other videos!

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