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Ukrainian city women vs. country girls, who is better?

Ukrainian city women vs. country girls Ukrainian city women vs. country girls

Hello my dear customers and those who are only thinking of finding their life partner online. Kate is with you again and today, I want to discuss your future with a Ukrainian woman, and, namely, what Ukrainian woman is better to choose – the one from the city or a country girl?

Ready to learn what Ukrainian woman matches the best your own needs and requirements? Then let’s find it out together!

  1. Is there any difference?

The answer is YES! There is a difference between the girls from big cities and those from country sides. It is the same as asking what is better – oranges or apples. Well, the both fruits are sweet, but they are different, some people like oranges, others are fond of apples. Both ladies from the country side or from a big city have different points of view and different needs, because they come from different environments. However, it doesn’t mean some of them are good while others are bad, they are just different. And, each man will find something beneficial for him in both those ladies. So, let’s take a look at all the differences between these two types of ladies in details:

  • Education. As you can imagine, the level of education is very different in big cities and in country sides. That’s why, without any doubts, big city girls are more educated and developed than those from villages. However, do not be upset if you want to have a modest country side girl but educated. We live in a modern world when everyone is striving for self-development. And girls from small towns or villages are not an exception. They move to big cities to enter universities and get better job opportunities, so very often they have the same level of education in Ukraine as ladies from bigger cities.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages. This aspect is very important for each western man. Everyone is afraid of the language barrier, however, for real relationship it is not an obstacle and you can check my other videos to find out how to overcome it and make your bi-language relationship really work! Still, city women in Ukraine have a much better English level, and not only English. Girls from big cities especially, are more open to everything; they study foreign languages from the very childhood and at schools. Besides, the level of education at city schools is much higher than that in small towns or country sides, so, of course, city girls are more likely to speak good English than country side ladies.
  • Personality. Everyone knows that people living in big cities are more ambitious and career-oriented than people in the country sides. So, of course, Ukrainian women in big cities are educated, hard-working, and career-oriented. They have to live in big cities with high level of competition, so they have to survive there and try to arrange a better life for them. Women from country sides are more career-oriented probably, if they only don’t move to big cities in search of a better life and job. As to personal traits, everything depends on people. Women have different characters and tempers both in cities and in villages. Ukrainian women are all family-oriented and not feministic, so all of them are good for creating a family.
  • Appearance. Yes, women in big cities have their charm and sense of style. They travel more, are more open to contacts with foreigners, so they look great. You will surely see only stylish and beautiful women in cities. It doesn’t mean that women in villages are not beautiful; of course they are beautiful and very feminine. However, city girls have more money, more opportunities, and know more about trends and style, so, of course, they all look like fancy models.
  1. Which girls are better for dating with Western guys?

I can’t recommend you dating only a city girl or only a girl from a country side. Everything depends on you only, and what you expect to get. If you want to have an ambitious, English-speaking, and fancy-looking girl, of course, you can choose a city girl who is pretty independent and open to dating western guys, since she has more opportunities to travel and meet people from other countries, she is open to new cultures. However, be careful, because city girls are pickier. Yes, they really are. People who have more opportunities and meet lots of people from other countries can be picky!

And if you want a beautiful, modest, and family-oriented girl who doesn’t pursue her career or is not that educated, you can easily choose a girl from country-side. She will become a great wife for you as well.

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