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Ukrainian dating advice for Chinese men how to find a wife

Tips for a Chinese man to find a wife Tips for a Chinese man to find a wife

Hello guys, Kate is with you and I want to discuss Asian-Ukrainian dating in my today’s video. It became very popular for Chinese guys to search for a Ukrainian wife, but how easy is that? How should a Chinese man behave to conquer his Ukrainian girlfriend? I will try to make it clear today and give you some helpful tips!

Keep reading, while it might change your life forever!

  1. Why is Ukrainian bride perfect for a Chinese man?

All of my articles are devoted to Ukrainian women, the pros and cons of dating them, about their expectations from you, and all the benefits of having a wife from Ukraine. So I won’t repeat all the perks of dating and marrying a Ukrainian girl, you all know them already. They have created various legends already about Ukrainian women, and everyone knows how beautiful and devoted they are. Moreover, they are very feminine and strong at the same time.

In the eyes of a Chinese man, a woman from Ukraine will be absolutely beautiful and even exotic, while their appearance is very different from the appearance of girls in China. But their character is different too.

We have some customers from China on best-matchmaking and one of them told me that women in China are using men and they became very feministic. You will never meet face this problem when dating a Ukrainian woman.

The truth is that comparing to Ukrainian men, men from China are different husbands. Men in Ukraine are often chauvinistic and too emotional. Ukrainian women consider Chinese men to be calm, smart, and very reserved.

Frankly speaking, Ukrainians do not know much about Chinese culture, while China is something very far and mysterious for them. But fortunately, we live in an open world where lots of people, including Ukrainian girls, are able to travel and explore new cultures. Last but not least, mix-raced children are very beautiful, so a Ukrainian-Chinese baby will be your greatest bonus!

There are some women on Best-Matchmaking who also lived or worked in China, and they shared their opinion about Chinese men with me. Thus, they think that Chinese men are:

  • Hard-working. That is a very good sign while Ukrainian girls are very hard-working themselves and they don’t like lazy people.
  • Smart and educated. Women in Ukraine like clever men, so if you are one of them, you have high odds of conquering a Ukrainian woman.
  • Yes, girls from Ukraine like that men in China are not guided by their emotions, but by the common sense.

But these girls also noticed that the dating culture in China is absolutely different from that in Ukraine. If you want to find a wife from Ukraine, you have all the chances! But it won’t be easy, get ready to certain challenges!

  1. How to find a Ukrainian wife?

Yes, Chinese men seem to be very good husbands for Ukrainian women. But it doesn’t mean that any Ukrainian girl is ready to meet the first Chinese guy she meets! Females in Ukraine have their principles and criteria as well. Due to different cultures, it is not easy still for a guy from China to find a woman from Ukraine. The problem is not only in language, while almost all Chinese speak English and lots of girls in Ukraine speak English as well. But the problem is that the dating culture is totally different in both countries.

One of my Chinese customers said that they do not offer flowers to a lady on the first day and do not go to expensive restaurants. They just meet to talk and drink a cup of coffee. But this is not the case with a Ukrainian bride. Girls in Ukraine are used to getting flowers on the first date; this is a part of our dating culture. So if you want to be successful with a Ukrainian girl, follow these simple tips:

  • Bring flowers for the first date. I know this is not common for your country, but if you want to meet a woman from Ukraine, you should learn at least basic dating etiquette in Ukraine. If you want to impress her, show that despite the difference in your cultures, you have put some efforts and learned something about the preferences of girls in Ukraine. Believe me, the bunch of flowers doesn’t cost much, but it will help a lot to impress a woman on the very first date! Remember that guys in Ukraine can spend their entire salary on just one date with a girl despite being chauvinistic. And women in this country expect you to at least bring them flowers and have a date in a good restaurant, which will be very romantic.
  • Less words, more business. Girls in Ukraine expect a man to act. And if you keep just talking to them for weeks and months without offering something more, they will give up on you. a man has to be a man, he should be confident and show he is ready for commitment and relationships, ready to make the next step. So instead of talking, just offer her the next meeting in your country, for example.
  • Cover her expenses. I am not talking about buying her food or clothes. Of course not. But if you invite her to your country, she expects you to cover her expenses. It is absolutely normal for Ukraine when a man pays the restaurant bills, and if you invite her to meet in another country, she would expect you to pay for her tickets and living in that country. This is not because she is greedy and wants to steal money from you – this is just a dating culture in Ukraine! That’s why, before starting to think of a marriage with a Ukrainian girl, think well if you are ready to meet her expectations!

You know that Ukrainian women are perfect for Chinese men, because they are beautiful, fit, hard-working, and devoted wives and mothers. They appreciate Chinese culture while men in your country are smart, educated, tolerant, and calm, unlike most Ukrainian guys. But pursuing a Ukrainian wife is not an easy task, so follow my recommendations if you really want to marry a Ukrainian woman!

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