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Ukrainian Dating Risks and Best-Matchmaking Anti-Scam Fight

Ukrainian Dating Risks and Best-Matchmaking Anti-Scam Fight Ukrainian Dating Risks and Best-Matchmaking Anti-Scam Fight

Greetings to everyone who is looking for his happiness in Ukraine! My name is Kate and today, we are going to discuss one of the most important and hot topics each of you is concerned about – Ukrainian Dating Risks and, of course, I will let you know how we from best-Matchmaking fight against scam on our site! Interesting? Then make yourself comfortable and let’s start!

You know, almost each of my customers tells me one and the same thing – “I have been using Ukrainian dating sites before and I was scammed!” That’s why each of you is so afraid to try some new experience on a new dating site, because no one believes in success already. I always ask my customers what situations they have faced previously, and everything I am going to tell you now is taken from the experience of each of you, so you would avoid the same problems when searching for your partner online!

Ukrainian dating risks are, as a rule, associated with Ukrainian dating scam, but this notion is very general and includes various aspects. Let’s discuss each of them in details:

  1. The lady behind beautiful photos doesn’t exist. You have registered on one of online dating sites and are happy to see so many profiles of amazing, hot, and stunning single ladies. You start communicating with them, everything is perfect. But why doesn’t she agree to have a video chat with you? She finds various reasons not to do this, she is out of town, she is busy, she is ill. But no video chat. You might wonder why? Everything is very easy. This lady is not real. It means that her pictures are used to attract your attention and you never know who is behind those pictures, there might be even a man writing you letters and chatting with you to earn money. Unfortunately, such people do not care of your feelings. Earning money is their only goal.
  • How does Best-Matchmaking fight with this. We from best-Matchmaking check all our ladies, our managers meet each lady in person, interview them and require them to provide their documents to prove their identity. We give a warranty that each our lady is 100% genuine and real, that all her pictures are real. Moreover, you can have a Skype call with her anytime. All our ladies communicate on Skype with biggest pleasure, because they realize how important it is to see each other face-to-face and make sure everyone looks as good as in his or her profile.
  1. The lady is a gold-digger. Yes, unfortunately, lots of our customers have been facing the situation when his girl started to ask him for money before they meet in person. We call such ladies professional brides. They are not interested in relationships with you, but in your wallet. I warn each of you not to send any money to ladies before meeting them in person. You might feel really sorry for them, when they tell you heart-breaking stories about them heaving difficult life situations, relatives in their hospitals. They might also need some money to have a visa and buy tickets to come to see you in your country. But once you send them money, they have another problem or another reason not to come to your country. And I might surprise you, but such professional brides will never come to see you!
  • How does Best-Matchmaking fight with this. All the ladies on our site are interviewed first; they all know that asking for money is forbidden on our site. We make sure what their goal on our site is first, and only then we post their profiles on our site. We interact both with our ladies and men closely and monitor each relationship. If a lady wants to come to your country, we assist you both in it, so you could have a guarantee that all the means are really spent on visa and tickets for your lady. All our ladies sign an agreement and are aware of our rules, so we exclude any gold-diggers or women looking for money on our site. Besides, they provide their documents and know that their profile will be deleted from our site once we suspect her in doing something against our rules. So, if you want to make her a visa and buy tickets, you should do it with our help and avoid any problems connected with it.

Below, you will find some tips from Best-Matchmaking on how to avoid scam on any dating site:

  • Keep your communication within the dating site. When you write letters on the site, they are the proof of your words. The site administration has access to your communication and can always check if the lady was asking for money or something else. Once you start communicating via emails, the site can’t control it already and it will be difficult for you to prove the lady is a scammer.
  • Always ask the lady to have a video chat. If you have a video chat with your woman, you can make sure she is real and she looks as beautiful as in her pictures. If the lady finds 100 reasons not to have a video call with you, this is a red flag.
  • Do not send any money to a woman before you meet her in real. Even if her stories are very melodramatic. Remember that a good woman will not ask a man she has never met for any financial help.
  • Do not believe if a woman tells you about her strong love and feelings towards you in her letters. A Ukrainian lady who has never met you will never write about her feelings in a letter. If she does, she is most likely a scammer.

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