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Ukrainian & Russian Matchmaking vs. Online Dating Service: What works better?

Ukrainian & Russian Matchmaking vs. Online Dating Service: What works better? Ukrainian & Russian Matchmaking vs. Online Dating Service: What works better?

Online dating is a great way to meet their better half for those who have no time dating in real life. Yes, unfortunately, the modern world gives us too little chances to meet someone because of lack of time. Online dating and matchmaking services come to the rescue to those who have a tough working schedule or are too shy to meet people in real life.

Of course, a good and reputable dating website, as well as a matchmaking service has to protect its customers. Otherwise, there is a big risk of meeting a scammer, which is very unpleasant.

The aim of both online dating services and matchmaking services is to help people find their life partners. But is there a difference between Ukrainian and Russian Matchmaking services and Online dating services? Let’s try to find this out.

The range of services

Ukrainian and Russian online dating sites usually provide a wide range of services, including video chats, letter correspondence, gifts delivery, and many others.

Ukrainian and Russian matchmaking services provide the same range of services and you can enjoy video chats, correspondence via letters, send gifts to your ladies, etc.

The only difference is that a matchmaking service uses an individual approach to every client. It is very convenient, while each customer has his own personal manager who is always in touch with him and can help him solve any issue.

So, the difference between the services provided by online dating and Matchmaking sites is not big. The only difference when you decide to join Matchmaking service is that along with a huge range of services, you get a personal assistant leading you throughout the process of meeting your only one.


When you join an online dating site, you are presented hundreds or thousands of profiles of beautiful women and can choose any of them to communicate, you can communicate with ten or one hundred women at a time and that’s great because you have a wide choice. But it doesn’t guarantee you any success. The reason is that you can spend tons of money for correspondence and video chats, but those women are not really obliged to meet you in reality, and if they do not want it, you won’t be able to do anything even if you have serious intentions towards some of those women.

What is the situation with a matchmaking service? You sign up for the matchmaking program and get your personal manager who is in touch with you whenever necessary. You have to fill in profile data and provide all the requirements and desires concerning your potential match. The matchmaking agency selects a range of women who meet the criteria you stated. After that, you choose the women interested for you among them. Matchmaking services interview those women to find out whether their intentions are serious enough, whether they like you and see you as their potential match. They arrange you Skype sessions or correspondence through letters, depending on your preferences, and help you get acquainted with those women as close as possible.

The whole process of searching for your potential match is pretty difficult and serious, and it will last till you find your perfect match.

So, the difference is obvious. When you sign up for a Ukrainian & Russian online dating service, you get acquainted and communicate with tens, hundreds, thousands of women. But it doesn’t guarantee you any success. When joining a Ukrainian & Russian Matchmaking service, you will be in touch with the agency until you find your match. Which sounds much better, right?


The price of the services differs from one service to another. But as a rule, there is a subscription when you join a Ukrainian or Russian online dating site. You choose a subscription you need, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. There are variations on every single dating site. As a rule, you get a certain amount of credits and spend them on the services you need. Once you spend all the credits, you purchase more, etc.

As you join a Ukrainian & Russian Matchmaking service, you pay once. As a rule, there is a fixed price and you pay it once. And, it is usually higher than the cost of the online dating service. But keep in mind that you might spend thousands and thousands of dollars on communication online without any results eventually. And when you pay for a Matchmaking package, you do it once and build real relationships leading to marriage in future.

These are the pros and cons of both Ukrainian & Russian Online Dating Services and Matchmaking Services. Depending on your goals, you should choose which suits better exactly for you.



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