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Ukrainian women are dreaming to marry foreigners. Why?

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Hello Guys! My name is Kate kate1

And there is a new article about Ukrainian women, their attitude to Ukrainian man and life in Ukraine, as well as marriage life.

I would like to explain the reason why many Ukrainian women are dreaming to marry foreigners. My clients often ask me this question.

This issue takes some explaining.
I can give more than one answer to this question.

– 1. The first reason is Ukrainian upbringing. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, in the majority of families there is not much upbringing. Moms do not teach their sons to be responsible for the family, help their wives, and be decisive. Many Mothers pamper their sons hoping that when their sons get married, their wives will also pamper them.
– Today in many families, I noticed the following scenario: Wife takes care of business, house, looks after children and husband as well as helps relatives. And husband is mostly relaxing. Some men are not even ashamed of not having a job and just staying at home and spending their wives money. In addition, such husbands do not miss the chance to complain to their wives.
– Many Ukrainian women tell me that they feel more like a workhorse than a woman! And I feel like this is true!
– There is an opinion that in the west everyone works very hard, especially men. They believe that western men are taught from childhood to be successful. Also western culture differs in many ways from Ukrainian culture. A man knows well that he has a commitment to the family and it is the most important thing to him.
It certainly attracts Ukrainian women.
– Also there is a high divorce rate in Ukraine. And the root of this problem is very often not enough attention from a husband to his wife. Men often don’t want to do anything to improve the quality of life or help their wives.
– Another factor is that many Ukrainian men, as it turns out, are quite greedy. They absolutely do not want to spend money on their women, give gifts and flowers or take good care of them.
I often see that many men nowadays wish to find a well-off life partner who owns an apartment and a car and has a high salary. Many of them don’t want to marry a sweet girl, who lives with her parents.
– Another important and negative point is that Ukrainian men are absolutely not responsible or rather they lack family values. Many leave their family very easily, find young lovers, abandon their children, even without thinking about the consequences. That’s the reason why many Ukrainian women are very skeptical about starting a family with Ukrainian men, because they simply cannot be sure about the future of their family…
Not all Ukrainian men are notorious, but most of them are… .
I can conclude by saying that not all Ukrainian women are scammers or just want to leave Ukraine for good. Most of Ukrainian women are well educated and earn money themselves; and the fact that some of them don’t always speak English does not mean that they are not educated or smart. Almost all Ukrainian women hold dear to their families and cherish family values.

So, dear man, do not be afraid to make the right step towards your love from Ukraine because you have enough chances to meet and marry a beautiful Ukrainian woman!

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