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Ukrainian women for marriage and religion

Ukrainian women for marriage and religion Ukrainian women for marriage and religion

Hello, my name is Kate and I am the founder of an International matchmaking service called Best-Matchmaking. Today, I would love to apply to those of you who just think of looking for a Ukrainian bride, but have doubts because of different religion between you and your wife.

We are going to talk about how religious Ukrainian brides are, whether they are attending church and whether they are ready to accept the religion of their husband if it’s different from theirs. This topic is one of the most important for your choice of a wife, so keep reading till the end! It will be interesting and, I hope – very helpful!

  1. Are Ukrainian and Russian brides religious?

The answer is: It depends. There are different women in Ukraine and Russia. As you probably already know, Ukraine and Russia are quite multinational countries, so, there are people of different religions in both countries. But the main religion in both countries is still Orthodox Christianity, so most Ukrainian brides are Orthodox still. There are women who are very religious, but there are those who never attend church, as well, as in any country probably. An average Ukrainian wife is not much about religion. She doesn’t attend church very often and doesn’t follow church rules strictly. So, yes, most of them believe in God, they are Christian, but they are not too religious if talking about attending church too often.

But! There are lots of church holidays in Ukraine and Russia when all people even irrespective of their beliefs go to church, such as Easter for example. That is more about traditions. For such holidays, you can see lots of beautiful Ukrainian women in church. But that is another story…

  1. Are Ukrainian and Russian brides ready to change their religion for love and family?

Once again, it depends. Ukrainian and Russian women are not too religious but they still are proud to be Christians. And lots of them do not want to change their religious, never. You can meet the ladies willing to accept the religion of their husband, but also those who will never do that.

But, I can tell you that we have some Ukrainian women married, for example, Muslim men, who accepted the religion of their husbands. So, if you ask me whether a Ukrainian woman is ready to change her religion for the sake of love and relationships, I can tell you yes, when they find their ideal partner and the man of their life, they are ready even to accept religion of their husband. If a bride from Ukraine or Russia is very often ready to accept Catholic religion of her western husband.

We know well that the majority of Western men are Catholic, so they are Christian as well. Ukrainian women do not mind marrying Catholic men at all. Of course they can change their religion.

But any case is very individual and some women who are strong believers do not want to change their Orthodox religion. So this is something that should be discussed individually. And the best way is to discuss it at the very beginning of your correspondence with a Ukrainian or Russian bride to avoid problems in the future. If you insist your wife to accept your religion, then better ask at the very beginning if she is ready for that. Otherwise, the misunderstanding is inevitable. So if you are very serious about religion and willing your wife to change her religion for yours, I recommend you to talk to your potential bride in advance and make this very important issue clear at once.

  1. What about the religion of your joint children?

We already know that Ukrainian and Russian brides are pretty tolerant about religion and most of them are not religious and even do not mind at all changing their religion for yours. Ok, so let’s assume that your Ukrainian or Russian wife doesn’t want to change her Orthodox religion according to your mutual agreement. You both are ok with that. But you probably will have wonderful kids in the nearest future. And what about their religion if your wife and you are of different religion?

Both your wife and you might want your children to follow your steps. So what will be the decision? Of course, if your wife is Orthodox and you are Catholic, it won’t be a big problem, while you both can baptize your baby and both will find the solution soon. But what if your wife is Christian and you are Muslim, for example. Then you might wish your children to be Muslim as well? My tip will be the same in this case as before, please discuss this topic beforehand with your potential bride before going anywhere further! If you have disagreements on this topic, try to find a compromise and find a solution in advance. And if the compromise is impossible, just try to search a lady who would want to accept your point of view and your religion. Believe me, there are a lots of such women in Ukraine and Russia!

If you wonder if a Ukrainian or Russian wife is good to marry even if your religions are different, then yes, ladies from Ukraine and Russia are wonderful wives because they are very tolerant about religion or nationality. But each case is individual, so I recommend you to ask your potential bride in advance about her attitude to everything in order to avoid all the possible misunderstandings.

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