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Ukrainian women vs. Russian women: The Big Battle

Ukrainian ladies vs Russian ladies:The Big Battle Ukrainian ladies vs Russian ladies:The Big Battle

No one would be surprised to know that Eastern European ladies are really popular among western men. And, probably, each western man knows that Russian and Ukrainian ladies are one of the most beautiful and desired for them.

And there are some good reasons for such popularity. These ladies are beautiful, family-oriented, smart, intelligent, and open-hearted.

However, lots of men do not know there is a difference between women from Ukraine and Russia and believe they come from one country. But this is not true; these girls come from different countries, each of which has its history, culture, and traditions.

If you are one of those men who have no idea what difference there is between Russian and Ukrainian girls, I will make it clear for you in this video. Find out everything about the differences between Ukrainian and Russian languages, their look, personal traits, and personalities. Their family values might also differ, so let’s start!

Language: Ukrainian vs Russian

The first thing you have to realize that Russia and Ukraine are different independent countries and their languages are also different. Both Ukrainian and Russian belong to the Slavic language group, but they still differ from each other in many aspects, as Portuguese differs from Spanish, for example.

One of the main differences is that all people in Ukraine speak and understand Russian languages. However, Russians do not understand Ukrainian. The reason is that Russian was the official language in the Soviet Union and people in each Soviet country used to speak this language. For that reason, the majority of Ukrainians still speaks and understands Russian pretty well.

On the other hand, Russian ladies have never spoken Ukrainian, so they will never understand this language.

If you speak just a bit Russian and come to Ukraine, everyone will understand you if you apply your knowledge in Russian. But if a lady suddenly starts talking to you in Ukrainian, you won’t be able to understand a single word. Now you know that the first difference between Russian and Ukrainian ladies is their mother tongue.

Russian vs Ukrainian ladies’ look

Both Russian and Ukrainian ladies have a common culture and history on the one hand. And because of that, their genes have been mixed during their history. It is generally believed that Ukrainian ladies have darker skin, maybe the reason is that they live in the south.

You, probably, know that Ukrainian and Russian women belong to Slavic race; it means that their appearance has lots of features in common. But as anywhere in the world, women follow various fashion trends, and they change their appearance a lot. Modern Ukrainian and Russian ladies possess very diverse appearances. If you come to any of these countries, you will notice that there are women with various hairstyles, body types, and skin colors.

But both in Ukraine and Russia, women tend to have beautiful and long hair. It is connected with their history when women in Ukraine and Russia wore long braids, which was the sign of their beauty.

Modern ladies in these countries look stunning and know how to take care of themselves.

However, girls in Ukraine tend to have darker hair and darker eyes. And the majority of girls in Russia have blonde hair.

One thing is clear; Ukrainian and Russian females do not look too different. In both these countries, you will be able to meet a huge variety of faces, hairstyles, body types, etc. Their femininity and natural beauty are their common feature.

The difference between Russian and Ukrainian ladies is more stereotype than reality; they are Slavic women having a very similar appearance.

Personality and family values of Russian and Ukrainian women

First of all, all people are different. They are different in any country, any city, and even any family. For that reason, the personality of both Russian and Ukrainian females and traits of their character depend on their genetics and history. One thing we know for sure, that their personality is different from the personality of Western ladies. But still, the traits of character depend on the place they live.

Ladies in big cities of Russia and Ukraine, for example, in Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc., are more ambitious, educated, career-oriented, and independent. Women in smaller cities and villages are more traditional.

But one thing about Ukrainian and Russian girl is a wonder, their unique ability to combine their career with their personal life. Women in these both countries are perfect moms, wives, and housewives, even if they have a successful career.

Almost all of them are family-oriented. That feature is a common one for ladies in Ukraine and Russia. They have acquired this feature from their grand-grandmothers. No matter what, their goal is to be a wife and mother.

But in modern life, women in Russia and Ukraine know the value of education, so you will not only get a loving and beautiful mother and wife for your kids, but also an intelligent and smart interlocutor.

But modern tendencies influence girls in Ukraine and Russia, as well. So they do not marry at their 18 anymore. They try to get education and diploma first, and only then they will think of marriage. Marriage for women at their 20s and 30s is common in these countries.

Russian vs Ukrainian cuisine

You, probably, know that ladies in Ukraine and Russia are not only beautiful, smart, and loving, but also are great cooks. And that’s really true. Almost any Ukrainian and Russian girl can cook whatever you wish, it’s in their blood. However, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines are somehow different.

If you have heard of borsch and dream to try it, you can do it in Ukraine only, while real borsch can be cooked only in Ukraine. In Russian cuisine, there is also something similar, but still different and not as tasty.

In fact, finding differences between Russian and Ukrainian ladies is pretty difficult. The obvious differences include their language, their land, and their laws. When it comes to women, they are both equally worthy of being desired by any man on Earth.


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