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VKcom as an alternative to online dating VKcom as an alternative to online dating

Best greetings from Kate, founder of Best-Matchmaking, the place where lonely hearts meet each other to create happy families. Today, I would love to talk to you about social media, and in particular, VKontakte social network, as a possible place to meet a Russian woman. Is it really an efficient way of meeting a good Russian lady? Is it a good alternative to a matchmaking service? I will try to answer these and other questions today.

So, if you consider searching for a Russian girl in social media, this article will be especially helpful for you. Ready? Let’s start!


  1. What is Vkontakte?

VK is the most popular social media network in Russia, and other post-soviet countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. It is not only the most popular social media in Russia, but also the second most popular website overall. Only Yandex, a Russian search engine, is placing ahead.

It welcomes over 50 million users per month. So, obviously, you can meet interesting ladies not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan there.


  1. The Pros of using VKontakte for searching for a Russian lady.


  • A large number of users. Since it is the most popular social media platform in post-Soviet countries, it’s possible to meet lots of people, including ladies online.
  • Free of charge. Probably, all social media networks are free to use. And Vkontakte is not an exception. So, it means that you can register her profile and communicate with other users, including Russian ladies, for free.
  • Large number of groups you can join and get to know people who share your interests. As in some other social media networks, Vkontakte offers lots of groups on various interests. Most likely, if you join them, you can surely meet ladies who share the same interests as you do.


I am afraid that these are all the pros of using Vkontake for your relationship purposes.


  1. The Cons of using VKontakte for searching for a Russian lady.


  • Vkontakte is the social network for young people mostly, pupils and students. Well, now you can imagine that your potential match might not be among the users of this social network. Pupils and students exchange different information, media files, and communicate there with pleasure. But what about family-oriented ladies who search for serious relationships? You will hardly meet them in that network. So I do not think this place is for those foreign men who seek dating, relationship, and marriage.


  • Risks of being scammed. Yes, unfortunately scammers are waiting for serious people everywhere. And the risk of meeting a scammer in a free social media network is much higher than meeting her through the dating or matchmaking service. Their identity is not verified by anyone, so you never know who you talk to behind the beautiful profile.


  • The risks of having your personal information stolen. Unfortunately, the profiles of Vkontakte users are often hacked. And there are lots of concerns and complaints among its users on this issue. Very often, when logging in, you can face the problem when your profile is blocked and all of your contacts and personal information is lost there. Yes, this social network can’t be proud of its security. So, if you are afraid that your personal information, as well as all of your personal communication with people, can be stolen, you should not use this social network for the search of your life partner.


  1. Vkontakte vs Professional Matchmaking Service.

Well, any social network, including Russian Vkontakte can be a great way of communicating and meeting new people. However, it is not more than the way of entertainment. You can never know who is there behind an attractive profile.

In order to avoid all the risks of being scammed and cheated, I recommend you to use a professional matchmaking service. First of all, it is necessary for your safety, while we, from Best-Matchmaking, verify the identity of every our lady, before posting her profile on our site and recommending this lady to you. The chances of meeting a person who wants to cheat you on our site are absolutely next to Nil.

Besides, professional matchmaking services select the ladies for you individually. Our best matchmakers and professional relationship coaches know exactly who will match you the best way after a long investigation process.

If you want to send a gift to your lady, you can easily do it with our matchmaking service, and you might not worry about your gift or money to be lost. We deliver the gift right to your lady within the shortest period of time, and send you lots of pictures and lady’s feedback right away confirming the delivery.

Needless to say we accompany you from your first second on our site till your marriage, so you can be sure your trip to meet the woman of your dreams is absolutely safe and perfectly arranged.

So, guys, before starting to search for a lady, think well whether you search for good communication and entertainment or for serious relationships. Social media is perfect for communication, but it is absolutely useless when it comes to your future with a Russian woman.


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