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What are Slavic women alike?

What are Slavic women alike What are Slavic women alike

Are all Slavic ladies similar? Are there any differences between Slavic ladies from different countries? What men do Slavic women prefer? All this we will discuss right now! So, let’s start!

  • Slavic ladies always remember they are ladies, regardless of their financial status, country of origin, country of residence, and age

No matter woman from what country you choose, from Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Belarus, Bulgaria, or Poland, women from any of these countries look stunning! In Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, for example, ladies look more or less similar. In Romania and Bulgaria, they have darker skin and darker hair, their appearance is more “exotic” to Western men, so if you love hot brunettes, girls from these countries will be perfect for you!

Polish women are an example of aristocratic appearance. They are tall, slim, and conservative. They know their value and live with dignity! So, if you set your sights on pretty girls from Poland get ready to a challenge, while you will have to show her you are really worth of her!

And, of course, all these ladies are very beautiful by nature, they do not need tons of make-up to look stunning, it is in their blood. But they always look as real fancy models, regardless of their age, social status, and body type. If you want to have an eligible wife and be proud of her, a Slavic woman is perfect for that!

  • Slavic mentality

Women in Slavic countries maintain the values of traditional families, and this is a huge lack in Western countries, where women do not care much for family values and are more independent and emancipated. In Slavic countries, there is almost no feminism, so all the ladies are very feminine. Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarussian ladies are more traditional in that aspect. Their family values are still the same as they were many years ago. In Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, for example, women have a so-called “golden mean” mentality. They are somewhere between Slavic traditions and Western ones. They might pay their part of the bill at the restaurants, unlike women in Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus (it’s always a man who pays here). And, they do not marry at such a young age, they get education, career first, and only then they think of marriage and having children. But anyways, they are not as feministic and independent as ladies in the West. So, if you want to have a traditional family-oriented woman, who would cook great and would be a perfect mom and sexy wife, choose a lady from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus. And if you want to have a woman with a “European” mentality, then a lady from Bulgaria, Poland, or Romania, would be perfect for you!

  • What type of men do Slavic women like

All Slavic ladies want to have a kind, honest man who would look after himself (but not more than she does). Of course, he should be loyal, but be careful, while Slavic ladies do not like jealous men!

If you are attentive, generous, and intelligent, you could be “perfect” for a Slavic lady. Based on the opinions of our female clients, we want to tell you about a “perfect man” for any Slavic lady:

  • Not too ugly. A man spending more time in the mirror, as a woman, is not regarded as a good man by Slavic girls. All Slavic ladies, even modern ones, like masculine men. And if you take too much care of your nails and visit manicure salons, worry whether your skin is moisture enough, forget about Slavic lady! All women in Slavic countries adore men who take care of themselves and are tidy, but they have to remain masculine. A lady should be a lady, and a man should be a man – the golden rule for Slavic women.
  • He opens the door. Feminism didn’t spread much in Slavic countries, so ladies in Slavic countries look for respect from men and they want to be treated as real ladies. Want to have an equal partner where a woman doesn’t need much attention and can open the door herself and doesn’t need your hand when getting out of the car? Then forget about Slavic girl! A Slavic woman needs to get flowers, gifts, various signs of attention, and expects you to be a gentleman first of all!
  • He is a doer, not a talker. Slavic ladies have their dignity and they do not like men who talk too much. But a woman from any Slavic country expects you to do something useful instead of just talking. Slavic girls do not search for a chat friend, they have enough of them, they seek for a man. Remember that for a Slavic lady you seem to be less serious when you talk too much. Slavic ladies are pretty talkative themselves, so they need someone who proves with his actions his serious intentions.



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