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What are the common characteristics of Polish women?

What are the common characteristics of a Polish woman? What are the common characteristics of a Polish woman?

Hello guys, it’s Kate again and today we are going to discuss one very interesting topic each of you is interested in. We will talk about Polish ladies and whether they make good wives and mothers.

We from Best-Matchmaking decided to expand our database to offer you more opportunities and are going to post profiles of Polish women on our site, as well. But before, we have made a deep investigation on whether ladies from Poland can make good matches for Western men and we are going to share the results of our research with you right now. Intrigued? Then make yourself comfortable and let’s start our trip to Polish dating!

  1. Appearance of the Polish girls. You, probably, wouldn’t deny that appearance is really important for men, so I decided to start with that aspect.


So, Polish girls belong to Western Slavs and their appearance is typically Slavic. They look really natural and feminine, their bodies are mostly slim and their looks are generous. I should admit that they have very pretty faces. Besides, the majority of women in Poland is really stylish and has a very good taste and sense of fashion.


Their hair color is rather light than dark, they also rarely have brown eyes; they are more blue, grey, or green. It is just the matter of their heredity. We all have to realize that modern means of beauty, including cosmetics and hair-dye, make wonders, so you can meet a real diversity of women in Poland, wearing different hair colors. But you may not even doubt that they all are very pretty and stunning. It is an undeniable fact!

By the way, age doesn’t influence their appearance much. Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s look very nice, they are real ladies. They live with dignity and know they are very attractive for the opposite sex. So, be careful when coming to Poland, it’s really easy to be captured by their beauty!

But if your goal is to have a really feminine and beautiful bride or wife, you should not hesitate and choose of the Polish girls!


  1. Relationship and family values. The wish to have a family is one of the main characteristics of ladies from Poland. From early childhood, these girls are taught to appreciate family, they get a real Catholic education.

We have also found out, that Polish women get married the youngest in Europe, interesting? But don’t be afraid, if you date a Polish girl, she will not force you to marry her right away! They are modern European ladies, and western civilization has influenced their traditional views, as well. They no longer have many children in their families, while the education is very expensive in the country, they know its value. Having one child in a family is a tendency for Polish girls.

They are always ready to take care of and love their men and members of their families. One thing we can’t but emphasize is that you should not expect your Polish bride to sacrifice herself totally for your sake. This woman will not do all the housework but will demand it to be divided between you and her. If she works and earns for a living, as well as you, she wants all the house duties to be divided between you both, too. Also, your Polish wife knows she deserves some time for herself. She needs to have rest and have time for vacation. She will require you to respect her.

Along with that, Polish family values and traditions are very strong, so you can be sure this girl will respect each member of your family and love your family as her own. Their family values are truly Slavic.

  1. Personality of Polish females. Polish girls are pretty demanding and picky, while they live in a European country with high standards of living. They know how attractive they are, and they behave like that. So, if you want to have a Polish wife, get ready to play the role of a knight and conquer her heart. It won’t be easy, it’s necessary to put some efforts. But any lady from Poland is surely worth it.

Want a Polish lady to like you? Then you have to know that you must have a good sense of humor and have certain achievements in life. Polish women do not like boring and not interesting men. They are smart, intelligent, and educated, and they want to have an equal man in their life.

You might be surprised, but foreign men often say that Polish girls use men. But it is not really true. They simply do not need it, women in Poland are very successful and they do not need to use a man, but they need a successful man. They are real diamonds and they want to shine in the hands of their men.

Another personal trait of Polish ladies is their sharp sense of humor with a share of sarcasm. And, they will easily understand American humor.


By the way, when it comes to the first date, girls from Poland are not demanding and are very polite. And, of course, they will dress up with style; you will never see a Brazilian-like lady in this Eastern European country.

So, guys, if you have ever thought of searching for a Polish bride, I can truly tell you it would be a wise choice, while ladies in this country are very sweet, kind, loving, polite, and caring.

Are eager to find your Polish soulmate? Then we wait for you on our site!


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