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What is the average Ukrainian bride profile at Best-Matchmaking?

An average Ukrainian Bride Profile An average Ukrainian Bride Profile

Hello guys, my name is Kate, I am the CEO and Founder of Best-Matchmaking – the place where you have a real chance to find the love of your life and your true life partner. Today, I would love to discuss with you one of the most important aspects of our site, and, of course, the main reason for you to join our matchmaking agency, our beautiful and eligible ladies!

I get lots of questions from you, my dear bachelors, concerning what kind of ladies do we have on our site and whether they are real or not, why did they join our site, etc. And today, I decided to answer all of your questions concerning our prettiest ladies searching for their love online. So, let’s start getting to know our brides from Best-Matchmaking!

  1. Age. Best-Matchmaking invites all singles to join our site regardless their age. Ladies can be single at any age, for many reasons. Some of them couldn’t find proper match among men in their country, others are divorced, and some of them are widows even. For that reason their age is very different, from 18 to 60. And we accept all the ladies. Taking it into account, an average woman age on our site is probably 30-35 years.
  2. Appearance. When it comes to the appearance, we do not seek models to join our site and attract your attention. As I told you already, we have very different ladies on our site, tall and short, slim and curvy, blond, black, and red-haired, with long and short hair. All of them are natural and we don’t try to Photoshop their pictures to make them more attractive to you. We from Best-Matchmaking believe that every camper should get a feather. So, any of our ladies, no matter what her body or hair color is, will find the best man for her on our site. However, since most of our ladies are from Ukraine, they are beautiful, just believe me. No matter what hair or body they have, they are very natural and beautiful, as all Ukrainian women. That’s because they know how to take care of themselves and how to be beautiful and pleasant to your eyes. So, I can say that an average profile on our site is a profile of a beautiful and well-groomed lady.
  3. Location. Best-Matchmaking is an international dating and match-making service. And for that reason, we have no restrictions for ladies regarding their location. We have few ladies from Russia, Latvia, Malta, Israel, Germany, but the majority of our female customers are of course from Ukraine. Ukraine is a big country, so we have profiles of ladies from various corner of it. so, an average profile of a lady on Best-Matchmaking is a profile of a Ukrainian woman, of course.
  4. Kids. Ukraine has a very high divorce rate, so we have lots of divorced ladies who are single moms, of course women of different age might have no kids, but still, an average profile of a Ukrainian woman is a profile of a woman having most likely one kid. However, you will meet lots of ladies with no kids or more than one kid as well on our site.
  5. Knowledge of languages. Since we have ladies from different countries and cities on our site, their level of languages knowledge is also very different. Of course, almost all our ladies from Latvia speak English since it is very common for them. Some ladies from Ukraine speak very good English, others speak other languages. However, most of ladies, especially those at their 40s still do not speak any foreign language. Of course, ladies from big cities are more open to learning everything new, and their knowledge of foreign languages is much better. Lots of our customers successfully communicate with ladies who speak English without any interpreters on our site.
  6. Life experience. Ladies do not join our site just because they are curious. Each of them has her own background, and most often, it is not a successful personal life. Ukrainian ladies are very kind and hardworking and they deal with not very good men using them very often. For that reason, they all had difficult divorce or are single moms who have to deal with various life issues every day to protect themselves and their children. I can truly say that in most cases, our ladies were not satisfied with their personal life and previous relationships and for that reason started to search for a man abroad.
  7. Goals. So, why did all these ladies join our site? I can’t talk about diversity now, while all of our ladies have one goal on our site – find their life partner. All of them have their own history and experience, and their own goal is to find a good and reliable western man. Why exactly western man? Some of them are very disappointed with men in their country; others just are fond of western culture and dream of having a western or Asian man. But all of them have a common goal – meet a good man who would make their life a bit happier and with whom they could spend the rest of their lives together. However, Ukrainian ladies are not that easy to conquer, they have their requirements, too. And if you want to know more about what kind of man they search, check out my other videos about what kind of me Ukrainian women look for!



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