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What is the difference between a mail order bride agency a Ukraine dating agency or Internationsl Marriage Agency?


What is the difference between a mail order bride agency a Ukraine dating agency or Internationsl Marriage Agency?

A mail order bride agency or may be Marriage Agency? What to chose?
What is the really difference, I’ve recently been asked by my customer Mark from the USA. My dear friends, I’ll try to give you an answer to on how do you tell a good deal from a scam…
А Typical dating agency: They create a site where men and women go to the site & communicate freely for a fee per month.
If they like each other, they arrange their own dates, everything is done by them.
At the same time there is no guarantee that the person’s pictures you seeing on z web site is a same person in life. Most of the people using such web sites don’t’ have serious intentions for serious relations at all. Not speaking about freaks hanging around in most cases as well too

An international Marriage agency.. How does it work?
A women is signing up to find a husband as well as man to find a wife.
An agency will do the work finding her a man
They will meet with translators, support from the agency etc and when they are ready to get married support with the documentation.
The positive side about such agencies is the performance claim of offered services and compliance with obligations towards it’s customers.

All ladies and almost all men Confirm their identity by Verifying their profile.
The negative side is that you have to pay for being a member of the agency.

Now a typical view of people in the west about a marriage agency or mail order bride agency.
Is some desperate person, who sucks at dating can’t get a woman in his own country.
So will go to another country, and buy a woman as a wife.
Because all Asian girls, Russian girls, just want a better life ? All they care about is money and material things
Once they have what they want, they will divorce their man and create a new life.
Well, not so. If the agency works for a benefit of it’s customer and an honestly than marriages are happen to be often.

As for typical mail order bride agencies where are girls after a passport, after a better life. Wanting expensive gifts, expensive holidays and once you run out of money they rapidly lose interest.
Visiting web sites of such mail order bride agencies you will never find any information about it’s owners, truing to contact them you will face only a page where you can fill a blanked fields to send your inquiry or questions.
Needless to say about such sites main profit- is beautiful ladies live web cams ready to chat you any time you want. But be aware- all marriage agencies who offers 24\7 live chats online features are not marriage at all! All girls are get paid well to sint in from of the cameras and tell you about love and feelings. All that is fake! That’s why such web sites or agencies are often called mail order bride agency!

There are good agencies, bad agencies. But like love if you are serious it’s all about taking a risk and being smart.
Ukraine dating is no different from dating in any other country if you are a local. Everyone has their customs, their way of things to do, places to go.
The rule to dating successfully in another country regardless of it’s Ukraine, Russia, China , Germany, America is understanding the culture, the way of life and the people. If you like the culture and people, then you’re part of the way there. Then you have to understand the women, what they expect from their men. In Ukraine, for most women your word is everything, say you are going to do something. Do it, or they won’t take you seriously.

And Most girls in Ukraine aren’t scammers. But they are around.

By Katrina ELbahey

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