Ukrainian Dating Tips

What is Ukrainian Online Dating?

What is Ukrainian Online Dating?

What is Ukrainian Online Dating?

I have come to find that the meaning of Ukrainian Online Dating means on thing for a man seriously seeking a wife and another for a Ukraine woman. I want to make this VERY CLEAR, to the man and to the woman, if you are NOT going to put forth the necessary effort to build and develop real relations as a couple online, you are rarely going to find any success, let alone marriage. For Ukraine women! If you seek a REAL MAN, one who is decent, honest and type man you dream about, STOP the attitude that just meeting him will tell you all! It does NOT work! YOU cannot honestly tell me that you can meet a strange man and in a moment or few days spending time together know him well enough to marry him? You are inviting DISASTER if you do! As for couples, using Ukrainian Online Dating I see it happen time and time again  I advise and women who will never listen. Men who are serious to find a wife want a woman who first of all, ACTS like she is seeking a husband and her effort to develop relations, find discovery of who the man is and what he can offer her. Not just someone eager for a face-to-face and you have no clue who each other is. Ukrainian Online Dating was meant to enable men and women to correspond in an effort to become acquainted, share details, information, photos (real ones) and discover if one can be a match to the other. Now it is more just a socialized meet market. The statistics bear out that only 5% of the men who use Ukrainian Online Dating will ever travel to meet a woman. That means 95% will never come! And sadly, of that 5%, many now are the sex tourist types who come to find entertainment and sexual pleasure and NOT marriage. In my opinion, I can say that leaves roughly 1% of men who ever travel really are sincere to find a bride.

Men should be aware for the most part, 95% of all Ukrainian Online Dating sites are corrupt and a business enterprise with sole purpose to make money. In all my years, I have found only a rare few agencies I would ever recommend as being more legitimate. Often they are still at the mercy of contracted agencies who profile their girls in order to get business. Men who seek a foreign bride need to understand this is a COSTLY venture and don’t expect to come out cheap. The average online dating can run tens of thousands of dollars over the course of time. That is why men have to be smart, stay away from obvious scam sites who rarely get anyone married ( Always check testimonial page) . How can a site who made over $100M in profits show minimal marriage statistics? A successful site is one who gets members married, but men forget that it seems.

Ukrainian Online Dating sites are notorious for profiling very beautiful women (often they are paid to answer letters, have even boyfriends or married in real life) to gain the attention of men and start the “fantasy” that often drives a man to such sites in the first place. When I first started using Ukrainian Online Dating sites, I fell prey, but I did not know any better. Now you do if you are reading this Blog! I have had my heart “broken” more times than I care to admit and seen hundreds women come and go. I probably had over 5ooo women write to me over 17 years, I lost count. A rare few (a handful) became good friends but NONE I ever met to date proved marriage worthy! I learned long ago guys, to think with my head and not my pants when online dating! An easy example I give is that a beautiful woman says she loves you and ready to marry, yet when you ask for her contact details she keeps coming up with same excuses not to give you. That is a MAJOR warning sign and time to tell her goodbye! NO woman serious for a husband and who is sincere in you will refuse such to a man. Basically, if it does not make sense what they say or do, it is better to RUN from them and start a new, than face continued disappointment. Much of Ukrainian Online Dating  just involves COMMON SENSE! Hopefully our Blog and information can help you avoid the problems I faced and move you towards a successful ending! More to come!

by Reggie Oglesby

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