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What to expect from a personal meeting with a Slavic woman – Part 2

dating Slavic women dating Slavic women

Hello everyone!

We keep getting back to the topic of the personal meeting with your Russian or Ukrainian bride while there are so many issues to discuss and we didn’t manage to do it in our previous video. So today, we will cover more and more dos and don’ts during your personal meeting and what you should expect from it!

Ready? Then keep watching – your success depends on what you do and say during your meeting!

  1. Don’t ask a lady to stay at her place during your visit!

Yes, I believe you have really big hopes and expectations from your first meeting with a Ukrainian or Russian woman. You took days-off, bought a ticket, and rush 6000 miles to meet her finally! But please be realistic. Ukrainian and Russian women don’t believe in feelings that may arise over the Internet. They agreed to meet you because you had some communication, found common interests, and have certain sympathy towards each other. They would never meet a man they don’t feel good about. So the fact she likes you is undeniable.

But this meeting is your first date, your first real-life meeting, first talk. And for now, you are almost unknown people to each other. We bet that you are not going to stay at the lady’s home in your country once you have the first date with her! So don’t expect that from your Slavic bride too! Please think of your stay in advance, choose a hotel, and don’t shock your dream woman by such an offer. This will only scare her away.

  1. Don’t tell but act!

As you already guessed probably, Slavic women don’t believe your words. They believe only actions and judge about what kind of man you are only by what you do! Of course, it doesn’t mean you should be silent – not at all. Ukrainian and Russian women adore when men are intelligent and can support a good top-quality conversation. But supporting your actions with words is very important. Instead of telling her how loving and caring you are – show it. When you come to your date, bring some flowers; help her take her coat off, give your hand when necessary. Don’t talk only about yourself, ask how she is doing, how was her day at work, how is her family.

Don’t forget to show your care and your feelings towards her. Your meetings should consist of dialogues, not of monologues about yourself.

  1. Don’t insist on physical contact!

Due to the cultural differences, lots of men misunderstand how they should behave on the dates. When they hear Ukrainian and Russian women like alpha-males, they take it literally and start touching women’s knees, grabbing their hands all the time, hugging them, and kissing their cheeks.

Keep in mind that it is a very bad sign on the first date! Women don’t accept and don’t understand why you touch their legs, knees, hands, and everything else. Leave her personal space, you are not a couple yet, so don’t cross that line!

  1. Look your best!

I have talked a lot about it too but this aspect is very important. You want to see a beautiful and elegant lady by your side. So why do you think a lady doesn’t want to see an elegant and handsome man by her side? You probably noticed how women in our streets look like – they wear makeup, their best clothes, they take care of their hair, and wear high heels. And they do it every day no matter where they go. And if they go for a date, they will try and do their best to look stunning. So I recommend you take care of your look, as well. Do a nice haircut before coming to her country, get a nice perfume, and make sure to bring some good and tidy clothes, too. I am sure you don’t want to fail your first date with a dream lady, so keep in mind your charisma and inner beauty is not enough for a Slavic woman!

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