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Why do I need to go to Ukraine? Or alternatively, here are several very important factors for why you definitely need to visit Ukraine!!

why do we need romanic tour to ukraine

Your personal visit to Ukraine is the most important part of setting up a future serious relationship with a Ukrainian Bride! It is impossible to build any kind of relationship at all without a personal meeting!
No matter how much money you spend on online communication, all of that will be useless and just a waist of time and money if you do not plan to meet your lady in person!

Only meeting each other live you will be able to understand if your future relations have potential. Even warmest and sweetest online letter exchanges will never give you such an understanding! Seeing another person’s actions, behavior, mimics, will let you explore her much more than you even think. Then you will recognize how she really feels about you, and what she thinks. Isn’t it the most important?

One more important factor why it is worth to meet in Ukraine and not elsewhere is that you will have a great opportunity to see and learn about a lady’s environment. It is well known that being in habitual environment the person always is oneself.
It’s a must to meet her friends and family to understand what moral  values your lady has. It is important to pay attention at her relations with closest people, such as her mother and father. The way they talk to each other, which atmosphere is in their house.
There is a saying in Ukraine: “If you want to learn what your wife will be in marriage – look at her mother”

And another essential factor why it is worth visiting Ukraine – is collecting proves of documents preparation for the embassy. There is no secret that such countries as USA, Australia, Canada and others are not willingly to give a visa for Ukrainian Bride even if you have been engaged already.
The more proves you will collect (such as: will describe it later)
The more chances your bride has to receive an entry visa. Unfortunately, today many couples get accused in creating a fictitious marriage in order to get a USA Green Card for a lady. So do not refuse visiting Ukraine to meet your bride in Person. Do not pursue to meet her in a neutral territory.  A meeting in Ukraine will give you a great chance to understand first of all if you match each other or not!

By Katrina El

P.S. more information about US visa preparation and marriage registration is here.

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