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Why do Ukrainian – Russian ladies want to marry foreigners

Russian women for marriage Russian women for marriage

Hello guys!

I hope you are in a good mood today and if not, I am going to raise it. Today, I would like to reveal the truth and tell you about the real reasons for which Russian and Ukrainian women are really willing to marry you – foreign guys. Those times when post-Soviet ladies wanted to marry the very first western guy to run out of their countries are well behind, so get ready to find out the reality! Ready? Let’s start!

  1. Demography rules!

The very first reason for our ladies to marry foreigners is the demographic situation in Russia and Ukraine. Russian and Ukrainian ladies want to move abroad not because their men are that bad but because there are much fewer men than women in these countries. Moreover, the situation is even more difficult while the duration of life of men is much less than that of ladies. So women often become widows early and at their 40s it is already a problem for them to find a man of their age.

There is some historical background in that demographic situation. Some decades ago, there was a girl baby-boom on the South of Ukraine. There were many new-born girls and not so many boys at that time. And still, the number of new-born girls exceeds that of boys both in Russia and Ukraine.

So taking into account that the duration of men’s life in these countries is shorter than women’s and that the number of new-born girls exceeds the number of boys, we can easily imagine the situation with the search of a life-partner in these Slavic counties. Men have a very rich choice, and women have a very poor one.

  1. High migration rate

As far as you know, Ukrainian citizens currently don’t need a visa to go to Europe. For that reason, lots of Ukrainian men go to Europe for work and spend there months and years, and women remain in the country. Very often, Ukrainian migrants decide to stay in Europe permanently and never go back home.

Since the demand exceeds the offer, every man, even a loser thinks that he can get any Beauty Queen without putting many efforts. What should women who search for men do in that case? Of course, there is nothing left but search for a man elsewhere.

  1. Welfare

Yes, the reason number 4 is welfare. Keep in mind that this is not the primary reason for which Russian and Ukrainian women start searching for western guys. But it is one of them. Modern girls in Ukraine and Russia stopped sitting at home and waiting for men to bring money home. They tend to get a good education and create a good career to be more or less successful and independent.

At the same time, men stopped working hard while seeing how successful women are. They don’t want to put too many efforts to provide for their families. An average salary of a Ukrainian government employee is $200-$300. Now compare it to the salary of the same employee in your country. Which one would any lady with common sense choose? More and more men become lazy while they gave their way to local women.

  1. Social differences

Please don’t think now that Ukrainian and Russian women don’t want to meet and marry local men. They do want and they marry every day! Otherwise, Ukraine and Russia would have been the countries of singles already. But taking into account all the mentioned reasons and the fact that times change, more ladies tend to look for a man abroad.

One of the main differences between western and Ukrainian men is their attitude to family and relationships. Local men in Ukraine and Russia are great husbands and fathers. But it happens often that they cheat on their women. As we know, western men are better in that aspect. Any Russian and Ukrainian girl will know for sure that her western husband will be loyal to her as well as she will be to him.

Also, women in Russia and Ukraine are a bit tired of doing households all the time and serve their husbands. Some men stopped treating them as women and just take everything women do for granted. Men almost don’t share their duties and let’s not forget that women have to work, cook, clean, wash, and take care of children and husband. While a man just works. Such an inequity makes women hope that the attitude of western men towards them will be different!



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