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Why so many hot Ukrainian women are singles – and so unhappy about this

Why So Many Girls in Ukraine Are Single Why So Many Girls in Ukraine Are Single

Hi everyone who is looking for a Ukrainian bride! My name is Kate, I am the Founder of Best-matchmaking and I am here to help you reach your goal!

Today, I decided to devote my video to one of the hottest topics discussed by our men customers! I am going to share with you why so many hot and beautiful Ukrainian girls are still single!

I am often asked by our clients about it, so it’s time to make it clear! Ready? Then make yourself comfortable and let’s keep discovering the world of Ukrainian women together!

  1. There are more women in Ukraine than men. The first reason is very simple and understandable – the number of women in Ukraine exceeds the number of men. So it’s no wonder there are so many beautiful single ladies in this country. If there are fewer men than women in Ukraine, then it is normal that not all the ladies get married here and seek for men from other countries. I do not think this aspect deserves lots of our attention; while everything is clear her, so let’s move on.
  2. Divorce rate in Ukraine is very high. It is sad, but the rate of divorces became really high in Ukraine in the recent years. People get married young and get divorced in several years. Many of you wonder why there are so many single moms on our site. And I can tell you that there are so many of them because of a very high divorce rate. As a rule, Ukrainian society judges single moms here. It comes from the ancient times when being single over 30 was a shame, and especially being a single mom was a shame. For that reason, girls tended to get married the soonest, at 18 or 20. Times have changed, ladies started to be independent, but the stereotypes remained. Being single when you are over 30 is not highly appreciated in Ukraine still, as well as being a single mother. But why Ukrainian ladies still prefer being single than married in Ukraine?
  3. It is better to be alone than in a bad company. Unfortunately, it is true that some men in Ukraine started to accept Ukrainian women who are beautiful, sexy, and hard-working, for granted. They know a lady in Ukraine can do anything for her family, her man, her children, and can sacrifice herself. And they stopped appreciating it, stopped considering it to be a valuable gift, and started abusing it. Lots of Ukrainian women have to cope with not working, lazy, and drinking husbands. And it is normal that sooner or later they simply get tired of this and decide to change their lives totally. Of course, they do not have a wish to be in relationships with such men again and decide that it is much easier and better to be alone, growing their children, than in a company of such a man. For that reason, so many girls in Ukraine are single despite of being so hot and beautiful, while have no relationship is better than having bad or unhappy relationship.
  4. Hot and beautiful Ukrainian women still seek for love. Of course, any lady wants to find love and real relationship, and they start looking for men abroad. So why do we have so many single Ukrainian ladies on our site? Ukrainian women search for western men and they have their reasons for that. Western men different a lot from those in Ukraine. Even though men in Ukraine know how to conquer a woman, they are pretty romantic, and show themselves as real men when dating, they drastically change after marriage. They forget what romance is, they do not bear any responsibility for their families, spend more time with their friends and entertainment, and so on. Of course, not all of them are that bad, but it still happens very often. Thus, ladies in Ukraine think that Western men are more reliable; they do not cheat, are faithful, and know how to provide for their families. Many of you think that we have so many hot and single ladies on our site since they are gold-diggers and search for money and Green-card. That is not true. However, they really search for western men since they earn more. And it is normal for a lady to be willing to marry a guy who can earn well, give her what she needs, and make her life at least a bit easier. Any lady wants to be able to have rest and just rely on her husband. Of course, when she works all the time in Ukraine and earns more than her husband, it is difficult for her to have rest or rely on someone else. And that is the biggest advantage of Western men. They work hard, they earn more, and they are ready to provide for their families. This is what really attracts Ukrainian women.

“They are searching for money” – you might say. I will tell you “NO” – they are searching for support and reliability. None of them wants to have a man who earns less than a woman and can’t ensure stability for his family. Instead, she will give you everything a real woman can offer. Isn’t that a real family? It surely is.

Another reason for Ukrainian girls to search for western men is not only reliability and fidelity, but also the fact they are calmer. I bet none of you wants to watch hysterics because of small things. That is what Ukrainian ladies often face – very often men simply go into hysterics, break plates, and even domestic violence takes place. They do not want a cruel man by their side anymore, so patient and calmer western men become a great alternative.

So, guys, these are the reasons for such a large number of hot and beautiful women in Ukraine to be sexy! And if you want to become one of those lucky Western men who conquer their hearts, join us, and watch our other videos to find out how to do it!

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