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Why a Ukrainian woman as a wife? From a foreign man’s point of view

Why to chose Ukrainian woman as a wife. Or some incredible facts about western women!

Gentleman!  My name is Katrina, I am the founder of this blog. This new article is created for you being based on stories from my clients about reason why they prefer to date and marry Russian or Ukrainian women. And it’s true, there are so  many western men prefer to look for Ukrainian woman for marriage. Seems like many of them have a lot of reasons.

You are welcome to read their stories below to find out about true reasons and the difference between Western and Ukrainian woman

Thomas B. from Australia:

“ We live in the age of entitlement, sexual freedoms and feminist justice warriors on a rampage. In Australia equality has gone too far along with political correctness. The sense of entitlement and demand by local women to be treated like a princess and also expect men to be the perfect cook, husband, do 50% or more of care of children whilst holding down a full time job whilst they go sipping champagne, loading up on Botox, lip fillers, lips, breast implants and go cruising around in the Range Rovers we provide. They want their cake and want to eat it too.

With things like Tinder and other apps, women have turned into a lifestyle of casual sex, casual partners and no sense of real commitment and love. I suspect a lot of women are growing up not understanding what love really is. The young men are no different.  I am generation X, so I grew up with good family values and understand what commitment and love should be.

Women my age are so bitter and twisted, and want control and dominance. I am looking abroad because I am looking for a balanced and equal partnership, with no dominance by either party. Besides, Ukrainian women are so beautiful and well natured for all the reasons you detail in your blog.

Regards, Thomas

Victor Hugo. from the USA:

“…Hello dear Kate, This is an excellent article. In your title you ask the question: Is Ukrainian dating an easy thing? From your discussion, most of us men can agree that it is not an easy thing – however dating successfully is a realistic thing with some learning and practice.

The biggest contrast between dating in Ukraine and in western countries like the USA is that dating to find a marriage-quality woman in the USA is not realistic – there are hardly any marriage-quality women left, some estimates by a dating lothario put it at only 1% of all single women from his experience! In essence, western women have been poisoned by feminist ideology and become emotionally independent, placing higher value on their career than on loving and serving a man.

Moreover, they have become delusional in their requirements for a partner and are quick to turn down most men who are not attractive. As a consequence, men in general and especially marriage-minded men in western cultures have given up on dating, and may be out of practice with how to treat a woman – especially a traditional Ukrainian woman.

For instance in the USA, it is considered normal for a man and woman to split the bill on the first date, for a man to question opening the door for her, or avoid speaking to a beautiful girl for well-founded fear of rejection. So in conclusion, in the years to come international and Ukrainian dating will explode as more men realize that dating in their western country for marriage is no longer realistic. In the meantime, Kate, please keep writing articles to help more men win and marry Ukrainian ladies!” -Victor Hugo.

Mansur H. from UK

“Why do I choose Ukraine lady because I find them the center of east and west  family values at heart west lack this!! And east have family values but lack open mind!! Ukraine ladies know how to be classy without looking cheap!! Have certain class how they show care to there man and family! They are capable to make  man feeling like a king

In my country I don’t like the ladies. Not all are bad of course!! But in my job it’s put me of women here!! Because I see them mostly drunk and talking with no class!! Example I had 2 women customers on Saturday night and one kept trying to kiss me they were high on drugs rich people this is the mind set I see here they work hard all week and then go crazy on the weekend!! And this type of lady I can’t have as a life partner!!”

Kate the dating bloggerAbout the blogger: Katrina El, a practicing psychologist, professional matchmaker and founder of the Slavic marriage agency is the devoted International Marriage and Matchmaking agency for single Western men with serious intention to meet Slavic women for dating and marriage. Our matrimonial agency has been in business for more than 10 years.

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